Papa stichts, Mom sews
 There's Dad and Mom who stichts and sews

This phrase from a Charles Trenet song of 1940 will serve as this

 second Poupendol site dedicated to sewing machines. You are indeed

 many still to come visit, though it dates from 2005. Albert Bazin had

 authorized us to publish.

The harvest of these smaller machines has grown from small miniature sewing machines for dolls

or those little machines but for girls, for them to begin the practice of sewing.

It has even been argued that often

on holiday, mothers were using,

for their handiwork, the

  machine ... their daughter, enjoying

  it is fitted with a
electric motor

   like on this Betsy Ross


   We were surprised by their number, choose their place of manufacture, sale (auction or flea markets).
All owners have authorized us to photograph them sometimes taking our time.
The problem is that we could not identify all.

Here they are, some very


and in perfect condition, very

 conserved with other suffered

a bit of wear time, but touching. Another also quite extraordinary

 that we did not have information

 other than its origin (U.S.).


Opposite, right and left,  Machine "'Baby',  Lot 349 of the sale of the Galerie de Chartres
May 24, 2008

Others come from the Federal Republic of Germany (former RFA) or even at least one of them directly from the former Soviet Union, amazing and unexpected!
How did it get there, even among us ? Mystery !

And, below, here is a small machine, with its box, discovered in Saint Arnoult (near Deauville)

Found in a

New Year's



this very


"Baby. "


not quote


Here are 2 copies, right

and left

the "A" and

that of 1968.

Both beautiful photos below were sent in August 2010 Mr. Albert Bazin, author of the text by the previous site

" ALAINA " >
< >

Poupendol is happy to share them with visitors.

A left a machine at

the charming name

In the center, from

the catalog of

  "I Old Saint Aubin"

Or to the right, this

machine called "Cat

Back"  seen at 


The four following photos are those of a single machine rare and very beautiful, collected in a bin .... by a  friend of mine  !

ALeft, overview of "La Fée du Travail " (The Fairy of Work ) to inscrptions very interesting:

First one on the shuttle cover you see to the right, very swollen.

Then the rose from the table
(reproduced below)


At left, the Fée du Travail for another angle, with the cover removed shuttle.

  Right, illustration of the machine base représentanrt "la Fée du travail " son ensuring the company


Left nice machine "Casige" photographed at the Salon de la Miniature of  Pont Audemer held on 6 and 7 November 2010


Machine seen at the Porte des Ternes October 12, 2010
thanks to the kindness of the seller


Below you will find the complete lyrics of the song by Charles Trenet. The previous site on the same subject was musically illustrated by a very old song, from Brittany and it also just devoted to sewing machines, a revolution of their day !

Paroles et Musique: Charles Trenet
© - 1940

Je suis né dans un village
Près du ciel plein d'oiseaux,
Je suis l'enfant le plus sage
De Padie-les-Eaux.
Mes parents sont culottiers
Et la nuit, et le jour,
Ils font leur triste métier
Le cœur plein d'amour


Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique, maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud.

La nuit j'entends leur machine
Qui gémit au grenier
Comme le vent chez la voisine
Pleure dans l'escalier.
Parfois au milieu d'un rêve.
Je m'réveille en sursaut,
Je vois le jour qui se lève
Tandis que là-haut

Papa pique et maman coud.
Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique, maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud

C'est l'printemps et c'est ma fête
J'ai quinze ans, quel bonheur,
Et les filles à bicyclette
Emportent mon coeur.
J'en connais une très jolie
Qui s'appelle Louison,
Je la vois dans la prairie
Car à la maison..

Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud
Papa pique et maman coud,

Un matin clair de décembre
Tous les deux on s'mariait
Et le soir dans notre chambre
Ma femme riait.
Nous allions bientôt connaître
Le bonheur cette nuit
Quand soudain à la fenêtre
On entend un bruit...


Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud,
Papa pique et maman coud
Papa pique et maman coud,

Hélas, j'ai perdu ma mère ?
Elle est morte doucement;
Peu de temps après mon père
A suivi maman.
Et Louison s'en est allée
Avec un hors-la-loi.
Et dans la maison hantée,
Tout comme autrefois,

Dernier refrain

Y a papa qui pique
Et y a maman qui coud
Y a papa qui pique
Et y a maman qui coud

Copyright that protect music of Charles Trenet  were not allowed to have only the music and not words. So there is no music to accompany votre nice walk in this small machine shop more ingenious than the other.

Soon  by the net !

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