The title of this article can seem curius. " Qu'es aco ?  =  What is it ? " It  is an expression of Marseille that the inhabitants of this town still use.  It is a provencal expression wich appears in the French -Provencal Dictionary of Frederic Mistral and appeard even also in Universal Nouveau Larousse in two volumes of 1949. This expresision says the surprise  and is pejorative by no means even  it is old-fashioned. It appeared to me at least to be convenient for our comment which is to finalize a little things.

        The financial crisis , speculative, risky and perfectly moved around
 the small doll Bleuette finally seems to calm down..

    However the collectors, the real aficionados, are many always also,
 less discouraged by the sharp rise in prices, today fallen again,
but always to the hide of the slightest copy  of the kind small doll.

    Now on sites for sales by internet, more and more numerous,
 voluntary (  or not ) errors   continue to appear,
It is neessary to put once again the work on the board
about Bleuette 8/0. Twice Poupendol alerted  its visitors on 6/0.

Now, it is the turn of 8/0!

    We present you below not less of four 8/0, whose only one is a real Bleuette!

  The first one does not have to give for a long time to confusion. The engravings of the nape of the neck indeed indicate that it is about a German doll, "a Special" " S  " ( Spezial ? ? ? ). She was acquired in Germany, near Coburg. The eyes are fixed and her smaller tour of head. Her expression has nothing to do with that of Bleuette, even if it is charming.

   The second is the "Poupee-Mystere" has which one Poupendol also dedicated a study. It is not any more " Bleuette ". On a head of a true Bleuette was taken up a mechanism allowing to command the opening or the closure of eyes as well as their movement from left to right. This mechanism was found on dolls size 4. Le Bos d' Espinoy, inventor of this mechanism, did not make his dolls, but bought from the S.F.B.J. lots of dolls and went up his mechanisms.

   The third is a German doll, a sister of 6/0 Fleischman, German too, but nevertheless indeed real Bleuette. This 8/0 is not a bleuette  and recently two were nevertheless presented to the sale on Ebay under this naming. Ignorance ? We hope for it ! The confusion would come from several sources : :
      - There is Bleuette: mould 60, Size 8/0. But on the nape of the neck we find engraved " S.F.B.J " then " 60 " and finally " 8/0 ", ( See below) what is not the case of this one  for which " 8/0 " appears only with sometimes a small cabalistic sign, as 6/0.
   -It is likely that 6/0 Bleuette and these 8/0 are made by the same German china manufacturer. Simply 8/0 were not diffused by the S.F.B.J. The manager of the S.F.B.J., Salomon Fleischmann, imported 6/0 to make a Bleuette. It is thus normal that both dolls have the same expression.
   - Finally most of German 8/0 are assembled on bodies of Bleuette. We ignore if they had a German body originally. On the other hand, It is very likely that the head of Bleuette was broken and replaced in a private " hospital of dolls " by a German head 8/0. We find this head sometimes taken up on semi-articulated bodies.                                        
                                                        The body is not thus a criterion.

    Then, end finally, the fourth (the last but the least) Bleuette,  the true!  well engraved " SFBJ " ( Or "  Unis France " ),  " 60 ", " 8/0 ".

  Caution thus in purchases. Our small doll stays of a price raised brought up enough in spite of the fall of the dollar :

  Ask always for the circumference of the head, the width of the opening, it  is  last  low or horizontal ?

  On the other hand, do not stop with the fixed eyes or  sleepers. It is not a criterion : the first Bleuette 60-8/0  had the fixed eyes, last sleeper


Circumference  =15,50 cm
Width  Rigt/Left = 4,00 cm
Depth Before / Back = 4,50 cm
Horizontal cut 
Engraved   :

Blue fixed eyes
Not pierced ears
Mouth opened on 4 incisors
Assembled on body of Bleuette
Lovely little girl expression as the 6/0

Poupée Mystère

Circumference = 17,50 cm
Width  Rigt/Left = 4,5 cm
Depth Before / Back =5,00 cm
Horizontal cut 
Not pierced ears
Mouth opened on 4 incisors
Dated  " 21 "
Assembled on S.F.B.J. body of Bleuette
 (" 2 " on back - " 1 "  under foot )
A crack in the back allows handling of a small control lever to open or close eyes

8/0 Allemande-Fleischmann
( Big sister of 6/0 
said "Fleischmann")

Circumference = 17,50 cm
Width  Rigt/Left = 4,50 cm
Depth Before / Back = 5,50 cm
Obliquely cut
Engraved : " 8/0 " and nothing else
than a small
cabalistic sign  as on 6/0
Not pierced ears
Fixed eyes
Mouth opened on 4 incisors
Assembled on S.F.B.J. body of Bleuette

 Lovely the 6/0

Circumference = 17,50 cm
Width  Rigt/Left = 4,50 cm
Depth Before / Back = 5,00 cm
Horizontal cut
Engraved :

( At the top : "  22 ", not compulsory year
reserved for the best dolls of every lot )

Not pierced ears
Fixed eyes ( sometime sleepers )
Composition body engraved  " 2 " on the back
" 1 " ( seldom  " 2 ") under the foot

Nice teenager expression 
  The last Bleuettes 8/0, mould 60, are marked "Unis  France " and either  " S.F.B.J. "



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