The 8/0 French and German Dolls



Poupendol has already presented to you, two or three years ago a complete study on the mould of doll 6/0 which is either of German origin, ( factory of toys Fleischmann and Bloëdel to Sonneberg ), or French (S.F.B./J.). It does not so take place there any more in confusion now.

For the collectors who still had no access to Web at the time, we intend to put back this on-line analysis in some months.

Indeed, considering the " financial stunning performances " of our so nice Bleuette, it is necessary indefatigably to recover in the work,

" Hundred times on the loom Put back your work " .......

We present so today the doll of 27 centimeters "8/0".

As for 6/0, there are two sorts:

S.F.B.J. 60-8/0


- those of the German origin , coming right even there from the factory of toys Fleischmann and Bloëdel,

- and those typically French coming from the S.F.B.J. in an indefinite date exactly presently but certainty before the Great War.

The number 8/0 makes illusion in the case of the german.

Besides, there is about ten year, a trader proposed me one of them, as a Bleuette. He had taken a good anger, removing her from his stand, when I meant him my surprise coming from his part. It was a renowned trader, well established on the place of Paris.

You know that, " 8/0 " is an indication of size and not a mould. In the case of indisputable Bleuette " 8/0 " of the S.F.B.J. We know that this indication means even there a size but we know also the number of the mould, " 60 ". It is not the same with her cousin " German ", any indicated mould, just the number of the size " 8/0 " matched over a enigmatic " cabalistic " sign, possible signature of the artisan - manufacturer and his team.

Here is for the nape of the neck.




Let us look now at the small faces. They are very instructive. As that of the S.F.B.J., themake-up Fleischmann and Bloëdel is simple, eyebrows are drawn well, a dimple chin adds to the charm, ears are not pierced.

But indisputable and irrefragable differences between the two do not allow any doubt:

- German "8/0", as their younger sisters "6/0" always have the fixed eyes. First detail which has its importance.
- it will not be a long time case for 8/0 S.F.B.J. which become sleepers from 1919/1920.
- the German nostrils are not marked with a red little point while those of "8/0" S.F.B.J. are drawn in red.


- if the cup of the head is oblique in both cases , the slope of that of German girl is more net ( little as it are Jumeau ). It allowed to reduce the invoice in the export by relieving weight.


-the "8/0" S.F.B.J. Cut is also a little tilted - See the photo- but sharply less; afterward it will happen that it is even downright horizontal.


Now, well observe the eyelids of these young ladies:

- the German girl has the superior eyelids lined with a charming and soft roll, that of a very young child sleepy. Three or four years old.

- the French girl, she, that she has the fixed eyes or the sleepers, has eyelids without roll anybody, perfectly smooth. And glance is not any more the same, she is a little older than her German cousin, let us say six or seven years old ? ......

Finally the tour of the cut of the head:

- for the French girl, 16,5 centimeters

- for the German girl 17 centimeters, i. e half a centimeter of more her French cousin because cut is wider.



Here is for your information but knowing well that charming one small German 8/0 doll can have so much charm otherwise more than sometimes common Bleuette.




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