Within the framework of the last weekend of the doll wich was held in the hotel Ambassador, an exhibition as we shall not often sse it any more  !
       Danielle and François THEIMER offered to their visitors  rare and exceptional show of all the mythical dolls HURET. A good dozen shop windows gathered in the magnificent decor
 of a lounge of the XIXth century.

     We remain confused and without voice by arriving in front of so many rarities : dolls, cradles, furnituree, accessoires and naturally, dresses and still dresses quite more surprising the som than the other and unknown of many us.

     It needs intended to thank the collectors who made confiance to Danielle and François Theimer, all thois is so precious ans so fragile. We were able under all its facets. All the visitors were wondered.

    But it is also necessary  to underligne the phenomenal work of implementation, begun at four o'clock in the morning and that must be finished for the opening at ten o'clock for  the Polichinelle Show.

      All this for seven hours only of presentation ! Seven hours, it 's all, the weekend of the doll closing its doors at 5 p.m.

     This work repressents an extraordinary wager wich deserves to be greeted. That Danielle an François Theimer are thanked for knowing how to gather and emphasize these inestimable témoins of our past, of our heritage.

Below to the left, the doll Huret and Longchambon offered by Victor Hugo to his gtanddaughter Jeanne.

     In this circumstance, a very beautiful book of the couple Theimer went out : La Maison Huret ( The Huret House ). Beginning with a long story of the family, abondantly illustrated with patents, drawings and engravings, very complete, very clear and very rich in manificients photos, we can only recommend it ( see our chapter " Lire " ).

  The second volume  get out later wich will complete, and will allow to meet itself between true Huret and copies  wich circulate.

     Poupendol gave you a brief outline of the presented marvels. But there was many others at least so beautiful and fascinating. This exhibition was itself, in spite of its scale, only a small summary of all the objects, Dolls, clothes, small pieces of furniture, hats, illustrated cradles, described and commented in the book which has just been published.

     You have just paid a rare and inestimable visit. You can keep an intense memory and a better knowledge of these miracles.

Thank you Danielle and François THEIMER!

Hélène et Daniel BUGAT-PUJOL


.  Photos D.Bugat-Pujol, but because of their subject © any reproduction of photos,
even partial, is strictly forbidden except Mr. François THEIMER's special, particular 
and written authorization