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The Musée de la Poupée-Paris celebrates its ten years ! .....Yes ! ten years ! ! ! !


XXXXXIt received at the week beginning some its numerous friends come to compliment them for the accomplished work, the miracles that it shows, the warm and joyful atmosphère which soaks it. They had also come encourage Guido and Samy Odin, father and son, intensely welded by a common passion. They welcome their public as well as their friends with the same availability, the same enthusiasm, the same kindness..




XXXXXThe same seriousness also. Because creation and exploitation of this magic place in Paris asks rigour, dexterity, knowledge, and a lot of work, brief qualities which, reunited between their four hands are not common in such a degree.



XXXXXLet us add that they are really true doll's passionates , it which is always not the case of those that take charge and live of her . Finally they know how to share their passion, their enjoyment during a rare purchase, their happiness for a discovery so simple it is. In brief they are not blasé, -it is rare-, and havebefor all the doll "   HAPPY " ! What is also very rare in France....and somewherelse ! It has to see them commenting on each of their shop windows. Raynal's dolls which are the object actually of a magnificent exhibition of more than 200 items, sees them inexhaustible and happy..


XXXXXIt is true that the presented babies are all to retain for their beauty, the emotion which they kick away, the wealth of their clothes. It is the first exhibition of such importance dedicated to this brand. All the periods are there. And the veil is finally raised on the French felt Raynal dolls, so near to Italian Lenci, and so delicate to identify.



A very friendly atmosphere


XXXXXSeveral collectionneuses-lenders present were amazed to be able to finally attribute a manufacturer to some of them.

XXXXXTwo collectionneuses-lenders whom I know were also very touched to see their babies in such a decoration and in their most beautiful atours.... One of them told me to have put eight hours to iron a magnificent dress of organdi white ! ....... but the eyes shone with enjoyment by seeing the result of its efforts ..... it is true that enjoyment by the doll deserves.

XXXXXAll which precedes is well the irrefutable proof.

XXXXXThat all are here thanked for beauties which they show us and to remember.


One of the very kind lenders with two passionate persons.


XXXXXAnd especially, do not miss this haughtiness expo. See in Poupendol's diary dates and address. The site that we present here is only a reflection of the set what you will have to discover , the Museum having totally reshaped the presentation of the permanent rooms on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.




XXXXXXAt first from the entrance, a shop window welcomes you with most famous and rare Dolls JUMEAU notabilly a "Portrait", "Jumeau Triste" " Poupée Française " ....etc

Jumeau "Portrait"
XXXXXAll the other shop windows of the permanent exhibition are also reshaped tastefully and some more of variety and rarities.



And to discover the exhibition of Raynal

XXXXX In the beginning (1922) all Raynalare in filled cloth.and compete with Dolls " Venus   ". Success is not waited. They evolve and look like hardly Dolls Lenci.

XXXXX If the body stays in cloth ( then in Jersey ), the face is in felt molded (Patent in 1930) .

XXXXX< They leave even in the United States where they receive an excellent reception and where they are going also to take Shirley Temple's features (1935/36 then 1936/37). It is in this time that appears the first smiling doll..

XXXXXBy 1935, after installation to Montreuil appears a Baby in composition for the head and the members, the remaining body in cloth " bourrré ". In 1936 the head is in celluloid with eyes " riboulants ". Soon the rhodoïd replaces the celluloid too quick to catch fire. Dolls boast of being " ininflammables et incasssables ".

This beautiful white dress asked for eight hours of ironing

Shirley Temple " and the others

The " tiny tot" of the Exhibition

XXXXXAfter the war, in 1951 , Raynal applies for a patent for a " peau magic " ( magic skin ), which had of magic only the speed of its deterioration ! A hard plastic replaces it quickly.

XXXXAt the same time, supple plastic dolls are born, with, from 1957 , a head in " plastisol ". The rhodoïd continues its career until 1963.

XXXXXRaynal become " Belinda " produces of 1960 to 1974,with models " classsiques ", dolls in PVC as well as mechanical or electric models.


Freshness and innocence

The most beautiful to go to dance ?

The last Raynal Dolls

Near the chair Marie-France 1952, Head rhodoïd, body rubber. And Françoise in rhodoïd

All these small dolls wait for you in the Museum of the Doll - Paris.

Go fast to make knowledge !



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