Ken ® is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year and can not do without Barbie ® of course !
For this occasion, Claude Brabant listening only to his passion for costume and sewing a beautiful recreated again for amazing and beautiful clothes you can see for several months at the Museum of Doll-Paris, until 18 September.

Whatever your age and habits of collections, this beautiful exhibition of Claude Brabant and Musée de la Poupée-Paris will not let you indifférents.The toilets, more beautiful than the others, finish, the brilliant idea of director now known in France as well as abroad and recognized by Mattel ® will delight you. Not to mention the staging that the museum was invented for the occasion.

You certainly take an afternoon to go and not regret your visit, staying much longer in love with these two icons of the toy that both specimens are today, Barbie ® and Ken ®

This small article joint has been provided by the Musée de la Poupée-Paris shortly before the start of this superb exhibition. We will resume today to put this event in memory you may have already seen (but you see again with the same pleasure as when you first discovered) or that you will see this summer during your vacation if you are visiting Paris.

It's quite extraordinary detail these garments made by Madame Brabant with great finesse, a lot of knowledge and historical research. Exposure really rare and beautiful that can only rejoice that you adults we read and excite your children or small adolescents.Vous not regret your visit.

Below are some photos taken at the Museum, with enthusiasm and amazement.

These few photographs can only encourage you to visit the Museum to see "real" the few hundred garments created by Claude Brabant.
If you can get there, you can still see the book that the creator has devoted to these little masterpieces .

Enjoy your visit and enjoy reading !

June 2011

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                     June 2011