At the time of the fiftieth anniversary of Barbie, the Musée de la Poupée-Paris organizes, until the re-entry, an exceptional exhibition which recalls the history of this impossible to circumvent doll mannequin.

     Nearly 500 dolls, resulting from private collections and Mattel bottom, are presented  in Mattel decorations of origin, all exclusively Mattel and rare. They will replongeront the visitors in the esthetism of each generation.

This first retrospective of scale is put in spectacular scene, it will charm the informed collectors. Because if this exposure is addressed to the children of course, the " afficionados " of Barbie very demanding and pointed will have what to satisfy their pleasure and even probalbment will be able to make discoveries .....

   Once in a while does no harm, the exposure will present the most recent dolls first of all and will go up time until 1959, to finish in beauty with the totality of the prestigious dolls  and their dresses left for the very first collection. If Barbie made you dream during your childhood, if the children around you continue to like it, share in this site the dream of this doll very fashion.

     Born on March 9, 1959 in New York, Barbie celebrates its 50 years today.

     Barbie is the toy for little girls more sold in the world. 80 millions were sold each year in the world, 4,6 millions per year for France. In 1997, it billionth Barbiedoll was sold. 96% of the French young girls have of them one and 100% of  American young girls.

      Doll mannequin idolizee accustomed to the podiums of the large dressmakers, of the large jewellers, object of collection very widespread, It is a social phenomenon, mythical doll indémodable. Barbie did not take a wrinkle.

     However Barbie and its outfits evolved with the wire of time to adapt to the tendencies of the moment:

     - In 1959, Barbie is a young model, capped with a tail of horse to the mode of the Fifties, with this characteristic glance on dimensioned, the marked eye of a black feature of eye liner. Its guard wraps “seam” is inspired already by the European dressmakers.

     - 1962, Barbie changes look and adopts the hairstyle with the short blow-dry “bubble cut”.

     It follows the fashion, exchanges its stockings for sticking and supplements its wardrobe with many accessories: shoes, glasses, jewels…

     - 1963, Barbie is imported into France by the Rational Toys.

     - 1964, Barbie folds from now on the knees.

    - 1967, the face changes, the synthetic lashes are established, the yes are more big and the hair are long and free. The size, it, can now swivel, it is the asset of the Twist turn. Dimensioned mode, Barbie adopts the style of the London top model Twiggy: mini skirts, boots, thread-like silhouette.

     - 1971, attenuated make-up, the long hair and skin perfectly bronzed as for the Malibu model. The emancipation of manners involves unemode strange: patchwork, maximum coats and tee-shirt…

     - 1972, Creation of the company Mattel France which diffuses since Barbie in France.

    - 1977, Barbie becomes more smiling, its always long and fair hair undulates. Its behaviors have paces of superstar.

   - 1986, It adopts the look rock'n'roll with a marked make-up. Its behaviors have bright colors and brilliant.
Since 1989 Barbie is equipped by the fashion designers, les " grands couturiers "

     - 1990, the first line of dolls of Barbie collection arrives to France with 11 models. For this decade it has been also from now on manufactured for the adults with the ranges " collections " , among which the famous models Bob Mackie.

     -- 1998, Barbie finds a look of teenager, with this new face, always current: stop closed, round cheeks, light make-up, small fringe and stiff hair.

     - 2000, it is the body of Barbie which changes with broader hips, a smalller chest and a flexible size. The models the most appreciated young girls of today are the dancers, since Barbie Casse Hazel nut of 2001, and princesses, of Barbie Raiponce of 2002 with that of year 2009 with the magic hair.

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