It seemed me interesting to present to you both versions of this small set called " Mon Beau Village " by explaining them to you more in detail. Beginning 1949, the catalogs of faction for Bleuette did not still appear any more and the newspaper  "    La Semaine de

Suzette "
suggested to ifs small readers : " pass in our shop or  ask for the circular which will supply you all the information on the outfit. Come with the money of your New Year's gifts, and Buy ! " (Confirmed page 144 )

 As photos show them to you, these two charming setshave the same name, both are squared. The first one was red, the second blue.

 But beyond the difference of color, we note that these stone floors have different sizes: smaller for red (we think of the cotton fabric of the underskirt of Becassine who exactly went out this year of Reine Dégrais's workshops, but bigger in blue.

Both consist of three parts: the frowned skirt, the blouse stocked with buttons (but closing with hooks and straps) and the small hat.

But the blouse of the first one, the red, contains a basque which falls slightly on the skirt and the delicious hat endowed with two ties of the same tissue finishes the set with happiness. This version will appear in publicité till the end of year 1949.

On the other hand the much rarer, blue version, is less much less described and probably made large number (for lack of fabric maybe - in this period stationery still missed a lot-) It is very discreetly evoked, without intention, page 168 of the first half of the year 1949: my Beau Village, in red or in blue. It is everything! Then in the second half-year, always so laconic, in blue or in red. Finally page 395 of this second half-year 1949, last publicity without any precision of color...

This small blue set is also charming as the red and better seems to suit in a little bit adolescent Bleuette that the smaller red girl. It contains also three parts, skirt, blouse stocked with buttons (but closing with hooks of straps) and adorable hat even there, you see on photos, the whole lined with white croquet.


Some lines furthermore on this last small hat. A real miracle to find three parts together, of origin. Indeed, when I had in hands this small hairstyle, I found nothing to fix it under the chin of the doll. Neither restrain nor ties... Numerous, very meticulous research through all the books susceptible to enlighten me... Nothing  !

After a est clearing and indispensable of the set, a starched and well-kept ironing, the whole put in situation on a 29 cm girl Bleuette, the small hat  fitted  alone, literally, in the millimeter near, without risk of falling and thus of being lost....

Then there, it is extraordinary and it is good the case to say as we saying in french  "Chapeau ! "

I remain very admiring and think to the small needlewoman who had executed it.

 Last careful to wear both so cute bets. Red and Blue are of course worn by bleuette 29 cm.

  However really notice the difference in expression of these two girls both in composition and probably dating from the end of World War II.

It is the last clothes which will appear before catalogs. The first one of these after the Second World War will reappear exactly for winter 1949-1950! I


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