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In the 1960's, big marks of European dolls conquered the American market through the manufacturer AMERICAN CHARACTER..

     So we could see on the catalog 1965 of this manufacturer a whole sampling of dolls made in Europe by Ratti and Furga of Italy, Rheinische and Maar of Germany, Bella of France. Besides their classic models, these manufacturers had adapted the special dressings for their american customers.

BELLA had particularly distinguished itself by looking to these luxurious dressings prestigious names corresponding to the frencch castles of the Loire.
The current collectors call them  “  les poupées châteaux ”, " dolls castles ".
We rarely find them in France because these dolls were intended for the export.

There were sixt dressings and two heights of dolls: 35 and 40 cms. The chosen models were classic models of dolls :
J 610

They had a head in PVC with long implanted hair forming buckles, eyes sleepers, a pinkish closed mouth, and girl's plastic body, angled arms and right legs.

There names were


We do not know the name of the sixth.

 For these dolls, fabrics were tissues of veil of nylon, satin or damask, enriched by steering wheels, by guipure and by miniature. Hats were decorated with ribbons and ostrich's feathers. Many of falbalas and strings of pearls imitation of real pearls.
There were several colors.

Extract of the catalog of

    Catalogue BELLA 1965

A.M. Porot

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A little note of Poupendol :

Madam Anne-Marie Porot, researcher in Doll is the author of inescapable and very complete book dedicated to the doll Bella. Many collectors acquired it and Poupendol thinks, with her, that this recent and new research will be to put between the pages of this big study.
 Ah ! research is never finished !