This beautiful doll that Samy ODIN, the manager of "Musée de la Poupée-Paris", had between hands to analyze her is a " Bähr und Pröschild ", sometimes called wrongly " Poupée Belton ". Why?

Of the Encyclopedia COLEMAN, which dedicated

a long paragraph to this " so-called " (so called) " Tête Belton ", I translate what follows: " Dated about 1870's, no proof of any marked head " BELTON " was ever brought. Some collectors call so heads in biscuit full, the summit of the skull being flat, concave or convex and drilled with two or three holes being of use notably to the assembly.

When we examine the head of the inside, we note that they are heads in flowed biscuit, and not pressing, this technique of the waste having been used by the Germans before being later resumed by the Frenchmen.


Some of these heads so made, were identified as being of LIMBACH or SIMON and HALBIG, of whom they wear mark. Maybe also, but unconfirmed, of Henrich STIER. A big part of heads said " type BELTON " had the closed mouth (it is the case of this one) and had risen on bodies in composition, articulated in shoulders, in hips and in knees but in fixed wrists, small hands and long thighs ." The one that interests us is in all respects similar to this description, to which it is advisable to add that elbows are also fixed.

Finally the Encyclopedia COLEMAN notes and nobserves variety and beautiful quality of these heads.

Mister Louis DANEELS, in " La vie du Jouet " (page 37 number 15 of January, 1997) speaks about full heads, " which do not possess an opening " cranial, with the exception of holes being able to allow to pass links of fixation ...... " improperly accompanied with the mention < Type Belton >. Currently, in the United States, some collectors begin to call them < Sonneberg Baby >. "


Besides in " L'Ame des Poupées " of MARCO TOSA AND GRAZIELLA PELLICCI, (Edition in French of Flammarion on 1988) page 184, is confirmed us German origin, Bähr and Pröschild.


We can there find the reason of their naming : dolls with head in biscuit, called BELTON " owe their name to Belton, the partner of Jumeau, who, in the beginning, used this type of heads for the dolls which he assembled in Paris. Dolls with full head result " rarely from French factories, and some more from the Jumeau factory, " contrary to what think a lot of collectors. "

It is so possible to say that the photo of this cute doll of which we show you today under different angles represents a doll " Bähr and Pröschild ", typical " BELTON ".


WATCH OUT ! Down the cute doll of Jane.


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Having sent on the web our short study of " Poupée-Belton ", we received from U.S.A., of our friend Jane, the photo of her " Sonneberg-Doll " that she has - happy coincidence - just just bought . We are happy for you to take advantage and to thank her.

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