Poupendol had taken out the article below at the beginning of 2001 (6 years ego !). We see puttings on sale on the Net a lot of dolls which absolutely are not Bleuette and notably let us notice the confusion - deliberate or not - between 6/0 Fleishmann and 6/0 S.F.B.J. mould 60. We think that it is very useful and even indispensable to make you the message go back . Read it, please, read again it. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to inform us.
It will not be said that the friends of Bleuette, not always informed well about the diverse moulds, will be hurt in their purchases.

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Remarquez la sorte de croix au-dessus du numéro.
En dessous autre signe "cabalistique"

In aid of intention of the new wave of the collectors of Bleuette, it is interesting and completely indispensable to approach clearly number " 6/O " engraved on two types of small known well and often confused dolls (? ? ? ! ! !)

-The one engraved 6/O, whose head at least was imported from Germany by Salomon Fleischmann, at that time guiding of the S.F.B.J. , Separate Bleuette is. She has, it seems, succeeded Bleuette-mould Jumeau and until the mould 60 size 8 / O of the S.F.B.J. replace her, or over a period going of 19O5 / 19O6 in 191O / 1911 about (In the current state of searches, it is impossible to advance a date exactly)-.

The head often of rather good quality, in biscuit naturally, is cut in "whistle" and does not contain any other indication, number " 6 / O " engraved in the nape of the neck in German characters corresponding at once to a number of size and series apparently. Often, but not always, a very small « cabalistic » sign, generally different from a copy in the other one, is visible above or next this number (To see illustration)..


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The original wig is in fair mohair (often) or chatain. The always fixed eyes, often blue, sometimes brown, are glass, simple but of beautiful quality. The mouth is opened on four small teeth. We know few certain things about the body which seems could be or not marked between shoulder blades and/or under feet. Anyway, she has to measure 27cm so however the various levels of joints are perfectly fited, correct and in good condition !

Here is a description brief but as rigorous as possible of this charming Bleuette. For more numerous precision and more detailed and complete study, I send back to you in the other works dedicated to this small doll and of which you know certainly existence because you read this article. They will allow you a confident approach of this adorable toy of collection which has her amateurs lovers, numerous more.... and more numerous !

- - the other doll, engraved she also " 6/O ",belongs to the serie of moulds 60 of the S.F.B.J. which included several sizes 4 / O, 6 / 0, 8 / 0 . Only this last size (8 / 0) is that of Bleuette. All the dolls mould 60 contain also engraved indications « S.F.B.J. 60 Paris » (To see illustration). ). This head "6 / 0" often rose on a said body " Bleuette's body " probably following an accident of Bleuette which it was necessary at all costs to repair the most exactly possible but it can involve also an assembly of origin, Publishing Gautier-Languereau having never had exclusivity either heads or in stronger reasons, bodies. This doll there is not absolutely Bleuette in spite of a body which could plead in her favour. Note, simple example, that the measurement of head, wider than that of our girl Bleuette, does not allow her to put on hats Gautier-Languereau - among others peculiarity-!. Do not confuse her with the S.F.B.J. 6O -8/O who, her, is a true Bleuette 

« I am not a " Bleuette " »

« I am a true " Bleuette " »



Be very attentive at the time of your knocks of heart and informed ! Prices are not comparable even though each of these small dolls has the charm.

" Not Bleuette who wants!! "

Say to us François Theimer... and it is completely exact!




For the record:

.Bleuette, Poupée de la Semaine de Suzette by Colette Merlen  Vol 1 ( Éditions de l'Amateur ) Vol. 2 (Editions Reinette )

.Madame la poupée Bleuette by François Theimer ( Éditions Polichinelle )


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