The First Bleuette ..... on tiptoe !

In 2005, François Theimer's last book on Bleuette came as a bombshell in important and numerous environment of Bleuette. He asserts there and it is always asserted there:

The only one, the true the unique, the first one ", it is the small doll 6/0, everybody knows it..... 

Understand: quite other assertion is thus invalid,
 the previous books which said quite other thing were "youthful indiscretions".

However no document, no emanating documentary evidence either of the editor of La Semaine of Suzette, Mister Henri Gautier, or of S.F.B.J., either estimate, or order or invoice, are presented to us.... Difficult to assert without material evidence what we write and where from we hold it...

For my part, I hold some serious, written proofs, printed, pulled of Semaine de Suzette, controllable proofs for all those who possess the edition of La Semaine de Suzette in its first years
.The first one on the occasion of the publishing of a patron of a skirt pélerine. Aunt Jacqueline herself, Madam Delaroche, manager of the newspaper,  member of the Society de Gens de  Lettre asserts there:

 " Bleuette is a Jumeau, size 2 ".

Number 11, Page 166 of April 12th, 1906 La semaine de Suzette)
"... Those who complain that clothes made on our patterns are too small for Bleuette ( who is a doll Jumeau  Number  2 ) are obviously not shaped to this prescription of the seam not includes..."

We can only take good note and it, definitively, of this information which raises totally the doubt persisting on the nature and the category of the first Bleuette whose dimension we knew (27 cms) the mould (Jumeau) but imperfectly the number of size.

It is thus  well Jumeau size number 2. What everybody knew  but that nobody - to my knowledge - brought the proof of time of this. It is true that it is necessary to read La Semaine de Suzette to the magnifying glass!
This information had already been given always in the Petite poste, twice :

N° 37 du 12.10.1905 : For   "Argentine" : Bleuette has the size of a
Jumeau size 2  

N° 49 du   4.01.1906 : For "Petite Barcelonnaise" :  Bleuette is a doll  N° 2  ↓

It does not make doubt that Madam Delaroche, manager placed well in the heart of the newspaper and by  the way of her work knew what she wrote.

She was in charge in particular the realization of the patterns and had thus certainly one or two Bleuette at hand to realize them.

I notice that after this very net precision three times in three different newspapers and over two years are not any more. Is it what there what announces the arrival exactly 6/0 to relieve ? It is possible.

The Jumeau moulds  began probably to be tired and their necessary replacement. Note moreover above, that in January, 1906, Tante Jacqueline written "Poupée Taille 2" and does not use any more Jumeau term....
What to conclude from it ? Nothing because that in April (see above), she speaks again about Bleuette Poupée Jumeau.

Moreover, let us recover in the context of period:

The S.F.B.J. was born in 1899 and lived during its first six years of manufacturing by using the moulds of his founders in particular, those numerous, the House Jumeau This thus, until 1905 when the first engraved heads S.F.B.J. made their appearance duly engraved "S.F.B.J" . Well.

The Semaine de Suzette, it, in the very first number of which is dated February 2nd, 1905, was naturally in gestation for at least one year.

The publishing of this newspaper was a formidable, expensive bet because in colors, weekly, thus of one regularity frequents.

It was necessary to reflect to it and very well to examine, before the edition, all the aspects of a such  project in particular, indeed to study that of the small doll, given in addition to assure the launch of the newspaper, carrier of this one and  hope of  the editor.

Numerous contacts were taken thus certainly with manufacturers of dolls and naturally, Mister Fleischman  P.D.G. of the S.F.B.J., Market studies, calculated evaluations, choices of mould were thus made well before on 1905.  

No doubt that these two Sirs, Henri Gautier and Salomon Fleischman came to an agreement on a small Jumeau mould, the size 2 in this particular case.
It is obvious. In the time, we knew in France, in the general public susceptible to be interested, only dolls Jumeau; and the S.F.B.J. found there an important market for its small dolls intended for girls, future small sewing kits .

 " The naming Jumeau was completely regular. The fact of placing this order at the S.F.B.J. thus allowed Mister Gautier to call it " doll Jumeau " or " Manufacturing Jumeau ".
It was a title which Émile Jumeau liked chiefly. He had clearly expressed it during the modification of the acts of society in 1895 : his partner, Douillet had obtained the faculty to stop the Society  before time but by keeping the name Jumeau  to the House. "
 ( Madam Anne-Marie Porot ).

What looks like first Bleuette, such as we always admitted it. Marked 2 in the nape of the neck hollow or relief, or another, 2 in the top of the skullcap, 1 in the nape of the neck. This one is certainly the very first and we find it hardly.

In here is one among which the numerous photos which illustrate this site shall say to you everything!

Especially do not hesitate to write me to announce your opinion if you find it relevant or if you hold  other proofs that those evoked above.



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