The advertisement below is taken from the Journal "Veillees des Chaumieres", journal appearing twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday. It was published in 1876 by Librairie Henri Blériot and successor Gautier, 55 Quai des Grands Augustins. Henri Gautier as you all know at least by name launched February 2, 1905 the famous newspaper "La Semaine de Suzette" that will last sixty years and will delight families and not just girls.

This short site complements, if need be, the one we spent the first Bleuette and is still on our home page.
 Remember to read between the lines: it is confirmed that Bleuette  is a Bebe Jumeau size 2, measuring 27 cm at its output, fully articulated.
Dress patterns that appeared in this newspaper are suitable in every respect to the morphology of this darling.
I noticed too, with emotion, that sweetie was "sold" "no profit", including postage and packing for 2.50 F. A keen sense of business? not be a kindness but also very likely that should not really appeal to competition.

 During the first quarter of 1907, Mrs Bernard de Laroche,
known under her maiden name Tante Jacqueline Riviere, gives us to read one of this novels, " The House of Blue Eyes ". She was already two years one of the kingpins of " La Semaine de Suzette " and is very active not only Bleuette, clothing to make yourself but also the " Petite Poste "

H & D Bugat-Pujol


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