All the accessories of dolls, from wig to shoes by way of the dress, the lingerie and the menus jewels, this beautiful house recognized since more than three family generations will propose you a wide choice. 

     In 2004, Mrs and Mr Bravot had the kindness to welcome us exceptionally in their premises to Villecresnes for a completely surprising private visit. We had already spoken to you about it in a previous site. But in this time , Internet was not still in all the homes or almost as now and it seemed to us interesting and convenient to make it to you rediscover


Considering its influence become international, it is surprising that this house so charming employs finally not enough persons but obviously a high-quality and very competent staff. You know all this, it exports all over the world and more particularly in the United States where the artists, numerous and recognized, turn to her "to put on hair  or shoes “  their creations.

Visit of its wokshops

                 SUPERB WIGS

According to the used material, two methods are used :

- For the natural hair imported from Asia, specially China    - For the mohair, the angora wool from England, from France or from the United States.

  " At first, this last one looks like a sausage in the impressive measurement which is going to be combed then crossed in three different sewing machines specially focusing by Mister BRAVOT father. The employee has to show suppleness and experience : you should not leave any hole between hair and it is better to sew squeezed .....

     The natural hair will be it, vaporized by hair conditioner and rolled on a rod. For a wig of miniature, the rod will be reduced to a wire, where from the extreme indispensable precision of the movement. When  the  hair is dry, the rod is removed ; the hair, curled, is put back on a machine to take up it on a skullcap and form the wig. Finally, it is necessary "to open" the lines by ironing them......

       Last operation: the hairstyle which begins with a strong brushing; then the employee takes a stick, the thickness of which varies according to the importance of the wig, and rolls up the hair with a big control ( (rather hardly without too much however to avoid bulbs in hands - it is very spectacular ! ) to form beautiful ringlets which are then lacquered as at the hairdresser !

The mohair being shorter, the wig will be longer to execute. No curling on stick but on curlers having applied a special product. Curlers were put, it is necessary to let them dry in place then remove them and put on hair " (Nadine Gannat)
These magnificent realizations of an extreme skill, you know them certainly and it is possible that some of your dolls wear it.


Second activity of the firm BRAVOT:
     To control, Madam Sylvie BRAVOT. Of numerous and surprising " shoetrees ", among which of  very small for miniatures, entirely  created  by Mister BRAVOT father. These small wooden forms are a real work of artist and to realize these pairs of shoes of our dolls, the work is long, boring, certain leathers sticking better, more or less fast than the others. It is one of the difficulties.

     Everything begins with some leather, true whole skins of all the colors: brown, black, blue-sky, pink, etc. This leather is going to be hastily cut, of the size 2 ( and even more little ) in the size 13. Composed of two identical fragments ( having the same right and left foot ), these are sewn to form the shoe. This one then place on the wooden shape.
   The sewings are crushed or opened with a  mallet according to the model, the threads who exceed are cutted; the cardboard inner sole is stuck at first, then the outside sole; finally crowbars squeeze the work on the shape until the complete drying. Rest the finishes, the most delicate may-be: buttonholes, buttons, buckles, pearls etc., what require, experience, accuracy and address. The staff is moreover essentially feminine.

     Since our visit, the firm BRAVOT innovated by adding to these very deserved success, the supply of dresses and charming hats, numerous, varied, all very freshly and indeed in mind of the dolls of formerly. The taste of this hard-working and nice family is remarkable.

The beauty of their realizations is moreover appreciated all over the world and the reputation of quality and good taste totally justified.

Once again,  we are happy to be  able to honour it by sharing with you the photos which we had taken in the firm some years ago. However, this fabric being on all the great  dolls manifestations, we have had the pleasure to make some photos ( down ) at Toymania the last 5 april where tree members of the family were here : Dady, Mom and Sylvie, the daughter now the chief of the firm !

Hélène Bugat-Pujol et Nadine Ganat.


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