An  unexpected and delicious small Bru

Some old publications full of surprises exciting. You've seen the publicity
 derived from " Veillees des Chaumieres (Evenings of Chaumieres) "

  You'll see about the famous Maison Bru whose babies always amaze us.
In one of the albums " Mon Journal " dated 1898-1899, that is to say on the eve of the creation of the SFBJ with which this famous firm merged, page eleven, so without going very far, I came across this ad previously unknown to me ...

And it so happens that I bought in Chartres auction a few years ago a very nice baby, " Bru " precisely
in his box marked " Bru " with an unbreakable head, his wig, his shoes, which they do not wear the " B " feature of  this firm,
 his pretty little dress as described in advertising with ribbon and lace socks.
In the neck he is marked " O " stamped in red.

He is always in the state have acquired the joy and is of course part of my sweet little friends

Mr.Bazin, a  well known dolls-researcher  sent me the following email :

" In my file Bru, I found a trace of unbreakable Bru.
Origin: 1890. Trade Almanac / Dolls.
Bru Jeune, Paul Girard, succ. H. Chevrot ... new unbreakable wooden hollow Babies stronger and lighter than cardboard. Unbreakable heads ( latest addition ) as pretty as a model and setting the bisque heads.
Babies are the only Bru with the eyes of the natural lashes, ( which is not the case of mine to be closer to the creation of the SFBJ  ) They are also distinguished by the delicacy of their hands and feets, and by the beauty and good taste of their skin .... "

Admit that it needed a site for himself if he is short !



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