Lovely little Bru , série "'Bébés Brevetés" Size 6/0 (height 25 cm)

The Gallery of Chartres (Etude J-P. Lelièvre- P Maiche-A. Paris) received this weekend, as expected, the collectors of dolls, attentive or fervent, in the Chapel Sainte Foy. The dispersal of more than six hundred dolls was for the agenda among whom the very beautiful "Stars" naturally.

So one quite small and rare Baby BRU size 6/0 (25 cms)! Or this magnificent Jumeau-portrait size 5 (62 cms), completely of time!!

Many, many people, a very cosmopolitan public, certain coming from a great distance.

The " Cercle Privé de la Poupée " which held its monthly meeting exactly in Chartres in the Salons of the " Hotel de la Poste ", gathered on Friday, after the visit of the auction, the numerous guests among whom naturally, the Gallery of Chartres represented by Mister Jean-Pierre Lelièvre and Madam Alain Paris, the Museum of the Doll - Paris with its directors Mister Guido and Samy Odin, Madam Monique Couturier expert attached to the Gallery of Chartres for this so " dear " Bleuette! Without forgetting Mr Rouillet, Expert C.N.E.S. in Automatons and Mechanical Music.

But also, and it was a renewed honor because it was already case last year, The Cercle Privé de la Poupée was delighted at the presence of Mister Schoelwer and his wife Jennylou Schoelwer, president of the region 13 of the U.F.D.C.

Jumeau, Size "5"
height 62 cm

A very friendly and really joyful atmosphere soaked every privileged presents in a pleasure shared around a "Kir". All will meet themselves very certainly the next year to immortalize an established well , old maintaining tradition of its third edition!....

We can share to those that could not be there and of whom we thought, this true moment of pleasure.....


At left : Mrs SCHOELWER with Guido and Samy ODIN

Above : Mrs Jennylou SCHOELWER with Samy ODIN (Musée de la Poupée-Paris) and Mrs Hélène BUGAT-PUJOL (Cercle Privé de la Poupée )

Mrs Jennylou SCHOELWER and few members ofS CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE







France of Régions, Europe of Nations

Exhibition at the "Musée de la Poupée-Paris"


Vive les Antilles ! Au centre, un Bébé CAPI, modèle « Myriam » 1955,
Taille articulée en plastique dur. A Gauche, deux autres Bébés CAPI, vers1960, en plastique plus souple. A droite , une Martiniquaise S.F.B.J. moule 247, en carton bouilli, vers 1950.



A coloured and joyful exhibition has just opened, which gathers for six months all the folklore lively and charming of our planet.

More than six hundred dolls - souvenirs from 1930's to 1970's, all marks, materials and manufactures confused remind us the ancestral suits in their variety, their refinement, their flavor of the soil. Entitled


"Souvenirs de France, d'Europe et d'ailleurs ! "

(" Souvenirs of France, Europe and moreover! " )





This exhibition restores us to see the charming customs of numerous regions, Europe notably, and has especially the merit to restore a fame deserved at houses which had made a speciality of these dolls.

Often regional firms as "Philippe" and " Le Minor "in brittany country or " Magali " and " Royal Poupees " in Provence, to quote only these four. This event suggest also making known aspects underestimated by other certain firms, in particular the " Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet " ( Industrial Company of the Toy) " specialized in the production of cars in model reduces mainly Renault.
It edited nevertheless some dolls in the catalog in 1935 .


Poupée Japonaise, vers 1950, à tête et membres en composition à base de poudre de coquillages, costume traditionnel.

Rare « Dominique » S.N.F. en celluloïd. Dans son costume d'origne....neuf, en boïte (4O cm)






Towards the end of this same year, an engineer of Renault, Mister Gérard offered to his wife about fifty them . Surrounded with a fastidious iconography, this one dressed them of very precise suits of the French regions herself, what makes of this set an exceptional document concerning our provinces.

As every exhibition in the Museum of the Doll -Paris, the surprise is for the meeting, the amusement, but also the culture, the gaiety.....and naturally the reception!


Let's go in family, you will see, it is surprising, in profusion, full of colour.

For a beautiful afternoon of holidays or to rediscover the traditions of our grand-parents of whom some even immortalize at present these vestimentary customs...

It is only to go to Brittany for example, in the mass or on quays to sea border, the moving headgears of Sunday .......

In my eyes, less than of folklore, it is more about the perennité of past and of its ancestral customs.





1935 Bourbonnaise avec sa coiffe « Aux deux Bonjours ». Fabrication C.I.J. en Cellose.

Costumes Suisse, Autrichien et Allemand (C.I.J. Cellose)
A noter à gauche une jolie petite Allemande (en celluloïd)
au chapeau rouge tubulaire caractéristique.

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