Nous habillons Bleuette !


Poupendol thinks that the ardent supporters of Bleuette will be happy to find in this chapter " L'Univers de Suzette " a pattern of " La Semaine de Suzette " with its explanations and a realization of time by a sweet small sewing girl in elements really of that time.


Dress of Taffeta

xxxxxThis dress consists of a small blouse kimono furnished in the neckline of a frowned steering wheel and a small skirt frowned to the waist. Two steering wheels, also frowned, furnish it on the sides .<

xxxxx The pattern gives half of the blouse which you cut with the material folded in double. To assemble the blouse, put the point O on the opposite point O , the point P on the opposite point P and make a sewing. Proceed also for the other side of the blouse.

xxxxxThe pattern of the skirt is also given half, you cut it also with the tissue folded in double; in the middle of the back, you reserve a small slit.

xxxxxThe waist of the skirt is frowned and sewn to the blouse. On the sides of the skirt, you arrange two small frowned steering wheels, which are, about, the width in V V, - That is the steering wheels do not exist either behind or front -. Steering wheel of the neckline, similar to the steering wheel of the skirt, is a little longer, and measure 20 cms in length.

xxxxLet us see now the embroidery of these steering wheels. It is original excessively, very fashionably and however very easy to execute, it gives a great character to this beautiful dress.

xxxxxIt is a simple buttonhole from which points are spread and of different size: a long point, a short point, etc....
Two sketches show you how the needle passes under the buckle which forms between every point.

xxxxx This embroidery complies with silk or cotton of colour standing out against that of the dress. On the black or the navy blue, you will embroidersilk old blue, orange-coloured or green jade; on Bordeaux in pale blue, black or old blue; on the green, in blue pastel, lemon or purple; on the chestnut or orange-coloured, old red or old blue.


xxxxxThis beautiful Bleuette with the black fixed eyes - marked SFBJ 60 8/0 - dates of the end of the Great War. Her young Mom made her this beautiful dress of faille, from a pattern of " La Semaine de Suzette " -June 10, 1920, pages 220/221. Under the dress was this small shirt Gautier-Languereau, the lace braces and the silk ribbon have to be restored.



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