All the Bleuette of France, of United States, all Bleuette of the world are infinitely sad. Their great and very sincère friend Colette is not any more. The new of her death, come of we donot know where, arrived until Poupendol. All her friends, her acquitances, her opponents, are extremely sad.

    Colette was a woman of big culture, a big character also it is proper to the intelectuals and cultivated women. Il was her case. Up to this unfortunate accident of health, she received regularly in her so beautilful house, sharp amateurs and qualified in literature and as art. Somewhere, she held a " salon " , montly I believe, as those whom the elegant women held the end of XVIII th .

  In her so beautiful house, to which she was very attached, Colette (to the left) greets American friends 

     But her passion, her good-looking sin, her center of interet since her small adolescence, it was the little Bleuette. She stidied her under all the angles, all the measures, all the engraved impressions. She was sometimes disputed and nevertheless only she knew everything. Thes critics slid on her as the water on the feathers of a duck . Yes, only she knew quite bodies, indications of the neck. Only she knew everything of Languereau Family, she knew parfectly " Loulotte " , the daughter of Maurice Languereau, today  dead last summer.

     Bleuette owes her everything : her fame notoriety wich do not contradict herself, her interest wich makes of her doll not as others. She loved her and was interested in all wich concerned her : garments of Semaine de suzette, clothes Gautier-Languereau, shoes, socks,  wigs, everything was skilfully studied, analysed with greed we could say.

    The environment of the French doll already very suffered by several deaths is very sad really and the milieu of  Bleuette distraught and very impoverished. Madam Suzanne Gautrot  other afficionado of Bleuette has, her, thrown in the sponge to dedicate herself only to her grand-children and great-grandchildren. Colette Merlen was too back grandmother but her love for Bleuette never contradicted herself....

  To the Museée de la Poupéel-Paris, in 2005 for centenary at the same moment, of La Semaine de Suzette, Bécassine and of..... Bleuette, Colette signs the second Volume of his book.
  Behind her, you all recognize Madam Agnes Sura, big amateur of Bleuette.

     We went to see her last july while her health was been already very damaged. Her sadness : more not to be able to see her dolls wich were in the floor above in her house ; a true sorrow in the others. She asked to us go to make photos to be able to see them.
      We share them with you all, those today who knew her, those who knew her only of name. You will be all happy to see her bleuette in situation in her  so beautiful house of Lille.

  If she could not get to all small dolls, her close relations had put right by her, her two first Bleuette who had been offered to her in 1926, coming from the  Jacob street.

      We are sure she is happy of this sharing. There, no of " How much " what had dared to ask for her an American trader to whom she showed her collection.
     Just some affection, friendshop, interest for colette who left a patrimonial work in our country and in the rest of the world which is intrerested by the doll.

Her friends

Helene et Daniel

and All the Bleuette of the world.


Bleuette, poupée de la Semaine de Suzette par Colette Merlen.
On the Left
Éditions de l'Amateur, First Tome en 1992.  incontournable book on Bleuette 
On the Right
    The second book on Bleuette, will be in, a sense, a continuation, a complement, a revision of the precedent because of new contributions, approaches and discoveries facts besides ten years, consequence sometimes of the publishing of the first which induced to its author an enormous courier and extremely plentiful contacts with the " Suzette' girls " and collectors.s.
2005 Editions de la Rainette

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