Association à but non lucratif (Loi de 1901), déposée : JO 01.12.93 n°1854







Le CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE is an Association of collectors, researchers and amateurs of dolls of whom purpose is to further and to diffuse the knowledge of the antique Doll and the collection, in the artistic, cultural and historic aspects.


Le CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE privileges the promotion of the knowledge of the Doll of Collection in a so wide and varied public that possible (the Other Associations, Schools, Secondary schools ......) by exhibitions, conferences, publications, communications for the Press ......


Le CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE looks for, regroups, collates and lists any information and documentations: official Archives or of family, Photos, Representatives' catalogs of toys, Picture postcards, Posters, Rates........ etc.


Le CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE includes voluntarily only few members (at most 48) to maintain a good cohesion in a concern of efficiency. It privileges the aspect unselfish of its actions and is very watchful to maintain, within it, the "non-profit" spirit of an "Association law of 19O1".