I finally decided to present this lovely doll. It is indeed very likely one of the last ( last but not the least ) Bleuette SFBJ sold as such by Gautier-Languereau between 1955 and 1957. I have for quite some time and is included in the book
 Bleuette of Monique Couturier and Samy Odin. This one had asked me for immortalize her (Page 367)

She dates, I think, about the year 1955/1959

She measures 29 centimetres, of course. Her wig is very characteristic in natural hair blond, curly but not curl. She has, of course, the sleeping eyes but an acetate very pale blue and you can see from the photos. Since those years, numbers of Bleuette had blue eyes or pale green acetate, as well as Rosette them out in 1955, have always looked to acetate, never glass.

Marked 2 in the back (barely visible but present), 1 on both feet, I found her little presentation folder, " in her new " absolutely, light blue polka dot navy blue and red. Her shirt is original very similar to those that will equip the Bleuette 58 GéGé.

               Her head, strong cardboard, molded, fine quality, is very characteristic: the face paddle is very very very charming but alas! references in the neck, crushed molding, are almost impossible to decipher: 301 reads quite easily, a 1/2....mais one can only guess SFBJ because it is not visible except to take off the wig (in which the mark is most often hidden). Given the material that form this head, this operation is impossible without irreparable damage.

This very likely ultimate Bleuette, delivered just before the final closure of the SFBJ, she will disappear, giving way to Bleuette GéGé which will not be successful and will even be a significant return to the manufacturer at the time of liquidation Suzette's Week in 1960. ((500 dolls - See Billy Boy,  page 715, left column, line 20).

   The clothes, in which I present her which and I dressed, are not Gautier-Languereau (except sneakers).
 Her dress is similar to what was then called a " beach pajamas ". It is adorable and old, it's fine, but not her I Ditto for the
delicious cape ! All this makes her a charming Bleuette though somewhat affected, a bit snobby ....As we do not yet say at the time I think.
Purists will certainly forgive me this appreciation .... after all she is my doll and I see she for what she seems to me well dressed .... with a touch of gaiety, of course!

Is' nt she really nice?

Against by the dress she wears above, after very careful consideration, I think this dress is original Gautier-Languereau. I did however found listed anywhere, no in catalogs nor in  "Veillees des Chaumières " (the Evenings Cottages ) that  I also have.
All things, however, suggests that this is the case ... a
war dress perhaps ?


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