In beginning this site, Poupendol wished first to congratulate Ms. Barbara C. Hilliker for her very beautiful book she has devoted to this delightful baby, the little Dy-Dee !

To our knowledge, this very well illustrated study exists only in English which is damaging because my " Dy Dee," that I had the opportunity to show to my friends is a hit.
 Many would have liked to have one or find one ... even if the state body that you will see is unfortunately not perfect. Vicissitudes of time and bad aging material.

Nevertheless, he pleases me very much and we are confident him will move you.

   Barbara, thank you for letting us discover if one of your dear Baby, we can analyze a little French as our first French celluloid baby doll. The head of yours (and ours) is superb in any event, in perfect condition and full of sweetness.

 BRAVO  !  Barbara ! How you have a lot of love  for him !



Admire (on the right) this superb presentation never open a Effanbee Baby. This " Dy Dee " bought in the 40s is still intact.

He is entirely original. Only the elastic band to hold the feeding has dried up. The small bottle is then dropped on the side. The left arm is unfortunately damaged. This is a  sleeper
baby whose eyes are still very alive and beautiful.

  Before the Second World War, United States since 1934 had a Baby equivalent before the celluloide baby of France, the Dy-Dee, who has been called " the most human of Babies ". His birth in Effanbee was an immediate and immense sucess!  It is true that from the outfit, he was sold with a lovely bunch and various accessories that were immediately made attractive to girls who cherish him and cherish him more. He was a long time " baby " of several generations of American little girls. He was and still is very loved and very popular.

As you can see, he is presented with two sets, (pyjamas for the night and all day), and a small booklet on how his new Mom has to take care of him. The label on the wrist and the shoes still have their original fasteners, bottle and teat rubber, silver spoon, enough to make bubbles! , Socks and a blanket or alaise, a box really complete.

The illustrations on the right and  below have been gleaned on the Internet where this beautiful Dy Dee was on sale in September 2004.
has been sold at $ 416.11 after ....... 19 auctions ! ! ! )

  The " Tonner Doll Compagny ", whose president, designer and artist Robert Tonner, has not taken wrong. It bought the bankrupt firm Effanbee in 2002, determined to revive this illustrious house. Thus Dy Dee review the day in autumn 2004. Redone exactly from a small Dy Dee original material is of course not specified. To inquire about it, check with the Museum of Dolls who also sells the book by Barbara C.Hilliker - quoted above - and will certainly one day or another all these new Dy Dee.

 Poupendol has been quite extraordinary chance to cross the path of a Dy Dee during a summer vacation. All alone on a chair in an  Antiques and Flea Market in Normandy, lost in the middle of this charming knick-knacks to own this kind of business. He missed all alone, moving small presence remained in the hollow of two parts keychain forgotten. What was he doing there ? Having crossed the Atlantic to fail to fifty yards from the landing beach! ? That is what moved the least sensitive of the great girls.

He was quickly adopted, wrapped in his meager assortment .... Since then, he is reborn to life for you. Here he is with his charm and degradation, alas! which can not be cured it seems. The head is on her well-preserved - rubber-toughened, the sleeping eyes are in perfect condition and have lost none of their expression. The molded hair and colored chestnut has resisted to   schampooing.

 Alas ears have suffered, even though nobody touched .... Please as reported on the dolls of yesteryear now of great price, there would be a reason for this design detail ...... These ears were well designed to allow girls to clean them with cotton buds ....! ! ! ! And one of you even told me she had been offered for sale on the Internet a small pair of these ! ! !
  I console myself by saying that there were Dy Dee of different sizes and the size of those offered for sale only coresponds maybe not mine. And these are his ears, he will keep them, maybe they have been part of my crush on him ......

Note that in her book on Dy-Dee (Reverie Publishing Company), Ms. Barbara C.Hilliker shows two heads of the babies, one with ears molded and the other with ears  "mobile ". Kerre Davis even states in November 2008 that were originally molded ears like the rest of the head. It was only 1940 that the ears became " overlay ".

Continue our description : In all, he measures 9 to 20 inches (9"Dy-Dee WE - 11" Dy-Dee Ette - 13 "Dy-Dee Kin ...)

A label, originally linked to the wrist that reminds Dy-Dee has a large outfit.

 The body itself has not aged vinyl: arms and legs are like crushed, rather flattened, but no discoloration. Is there a cure?
I do not know yet. For now I let him recover from his misfortunes and his abandonment. I let him sit back and take care of  his outfit ready.

 It's a baby  with
whom  little girls had played well and

his wounds are rich his past.

It's time to talk with his  outfit. We note that the sex of the baby is left to the discretion of the girl. We find almost as typically male and female clothing.

The Dy-Dee Norman had a small flea market clothing wool. Is it genuine or due to the skill of an artisan knitter quality ? We can not say with certainty. If a site visitor   has some lnsight into this problem,
Poupendol  would be very graceful to be informed to enable it to spread information to all its friends.

As you can see on these photos, the front is embroidered and the back is closed with a silk ribbon.

Is this a piece of outfit ?



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