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Parmi les Poupées Falk et Roussel


Par Albert BAZIN





Falk and Roussel was in activity from 1880 till 1906 about.


From 1885, they registered trademarks as the " Bébé Nouveau Articulé" (New Baby Articulated ) , " Bébé Mignon Articulé" (Good-looking articulated Baby ) and " F.R Déposé" (F.R. registred), reproduced opposite.


Wrongly or in reason, they are ambitious. In 1888, they announce a production of 425.000 dolls, then of 55O.OOO in 1889. For the record, let us remind that Jumeau was proud of to reach 13O.OOO dolls in 1888 ! But are they comparable dolls ? Falk and Roussel was important customers of François Gaultier and we discovered a corrrespondance which proves that Madam Tragit-Delbosque dressed a part of their dolls. Not quite probably because they assert arranging in 1890 three hundred models of dressing.


In 1892, they apply for a patent for a "fixateur" (fixing system) pinching an elastic then sinking into a hole of the leg or the arm. One would like finding on bodies this system of crowbars to study it and to protect it before awkward reassemblies disappear everything.


Several " Falk and Roussel " was announced to the sales of Chartres, among others, on December 9, 1989 (under the number 558 - awarded 82. OOO FF) and on May 11, 1997 (under the number 624-Awarded 5O.OOO FF).


Supplementary documentation: : To see a portrait in " Guide Argus des Poupées de Collection " by François Theimer, page 146. To see also " Coleman " volume 1, pages 223 and 261.


Poupée Falk et Roussel, marquée en creux « F.R.» et en relief « 4 ». Vendue à la Galerie de Chartres le 11 Mai 1997, sous le numéro 624.