«  Fashions evolve and change during centuries and the XIX-th still close to us was very rich in these changes. But if modes for adults changed, there was no childish fashion, the children were always the same. And the getups of which one decked out them constituted a challenge in the common sense. A crinoline to a small six year old girl? Why no frock coat in a goldfish ?...

And note  that one did not even spare to the children these bizarre accessories which seemed nevertheless conceived only to favor their mothers who, really, played the doll with them: and so the small girls wore a bustle in 1860 !

Bustless at the age of seven years.....
....! ! !

It is true that if one worries about common sense in these subjects, you will ask me also why the small luxury dogs have a silk handkerchief in the dress handkerchief of their paletot !

Contrary to what one says, they are not the children who have the genius of the imitation. They are the adults who have the genius to imitate to the children all that they make for themselves.
( This text of the thirties is always of current events as you can notice it every day ! )

You know that there are people who are in the habit of repeating that " there are no more children ". Of course..... But exactly,  since when does this expression exist ?

There are no more children ! .......

And nevertheless it seems out-of-date today. On the contrary, there are finally children, a world and a fashion for them.

Twentieth century is, each knows it, the century of big discoveries: motorcar, plane, talking pictures, radiotelephony, hook in remmailler silk stocking, electronic....

But think :  it is in the twentieth century also  that one discovered the children.....
The children and their charming intelligence, their adorable personality, their grace and their spirit appropriate.....

One noticed the pleasure which one felt to guard them with one - to guard them, to look at them to listen them, to love them-. And twentieth century became that where the children speak at table !

Then one multiplied to please them, to amuse them, to distract them ; 

It was created for them a whole literature, games, spectacles, and even of true newspapers, numerous and weekly which constitute the testimony of the importance which took the children in our modern century.

And the fashion of children, abruptly transformed, became, it also, a true " fashion " of children, that is a fashion to them, an independent fashion.

 ( Funny parallel brtween the carving of " L'Illustration " and the drawings of Gautier-Languereau )

 As the dressmaker which unstitches the collar of the jacket after a first fitting, one tore away  from the suits of our small daughters and our little boys all which complicated them, everything which made them heavy, heavy and unsightly.... One cut,  grumbled, and one was able to shout finally :
" Run!... Jump, dance cheerfully and without constraint !... After centuries and centuries, you have finally your independence; you are free !.... "

And with they gallantly berets  pushed on the head, with their short sleeves, with their indented sporting shirts, with their skirts or their short trousers, our children indeed feels ready to dash in the conquest of the life. They merited their children's " uniform "..
(Even funny parallel )

But here were which is still stranger : not only the clothes of our children are not copied any more to those of the adults but could not one say, at the moment, that they are the adults who seem to be inspired by our children in their manners ?

The young ladies and the girls, on their shoulders let float in light buckles their hair ;

And did not we see, some years ago, moms and grandmothers who wore short, short, short dresses ?.....

This just return of the things of here below must be welcomed as a happy forerunner. »

Jean Nohain alias Jaboune

And naturally, the small doll Bleuette followed all these transformations with a rare happiness !

 I had the privilege to find in a special issue of " L'Illustration " of 1930, the drawings which illustrate this article written at the time by Jean Nohain  and I was struck by the resemblance between its illustrations and  the catalogs of the same time of Gautier-Languereau

It is there disturbing and proves oh ! How much that Madam Languereau dressed really this kind doll in the point of the fashion. What, exactly, makes her perennially fashionable. We would meet small girls dressed so actually, we would find them charming and completely up to date. A proof if it was need of it who Fashion, the  true, the fashion design, has no age.

So, let us be delighted to have a small doll which we can again spoil by dressing her in clothes of this time with elegance and happiness without any hiatus !

Catalogue  Bleuette 1923


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