. Delicious Käthe Kruse..... Fine lady Käthe Kruse,


All the amateurs, the collectors or researchers in dolls - toys know Käthe Kruse, her debuts, her so soft and moving creations and the success. Although she withdrew personally in 1956, the house which she had created and to which she had given the name continues since, and for a long time even in the prosperity, realization and marketing of very numerous models very regularly renewed. More than eighty models are presented in the catalog of the classic models of dolls this year.

What the ardent supporters know less and discover with surprise and delight, they are the very very numerous by-products, the bottom drawers and accessories around these so adorable dolls:

A world of affectionate " doudous " , cuddly materials , funny animals variously, wooden rings - in to seize-, little chains for lollipop and the other " Pimpins ", real delights for the eyes of the children and the fond adults.

Joyful animals (" Happies " ), dwarf - dwarfs soft, surprising pillows in pits of cherries, in millet or in lavender, the melodious motives, spread their farandole in the luxurious and really surprising collection of the general catalog.

This cheerful repertoire of " toys - to-cajole ", less known, less classic dolls (dolls " in Waldorf " filled with sand of real quartz), of marionettes with fingers full of charm, -




Oh! these theaters in hand which charm!-, even propose us exactly a theater of beautiful dimension to animate the birthdays of the small children or decorate the cave of a fascinated collector.


This extraordinary variety in the creation is a completely magnificent discovery and always stays in the big tradition of this very beautiful House: " Käthe Kruse uses only what there is of better and of better for the creation of the loved dolls and the textile goods - toys . We place highly the quality of raw materials and its treatment, the design of products connected to the emotion / feeling which has to emanate from it and shine with it. So are used only resistant tissue - toweling, cotton fabrics of high quality and the chosen wood..

The " material of completion " is chosen it so specially according to consequentive criteria of the game: fibers " polyacril ", moss in polyuréthane and pure sheep's wool are a part of it. For the selected dolls, we use for 90 years the hair of reindeer and roe deer. Faces are embroidered or painted in the hand " ...... " The wood has to smell as some wood and as some plastic, the wool as the wool and as one synthetic fiber a toy must be never completed, ever has to have of defined functions " and to allow so the child to give evidence of creativity ".

( Collection privée )


To have visited this unique Universe of manufacture to Donauworth in December 1999, I had suspected the face hidden from these realizations, the manual labour of the painters, needlewomen or hairdressers in dolls etc. ...I had them watched in full activity.


But this long unforgettable visit had not allowed me to approach this other aspect extrèmement rich, full of finds and happiness, the world of its by-products!

Can all we continue for a long time to play the doll we can all continue to play with Käthe Kruse!



© All the toys reproduced above it are with the express permission of the House Käthe Kruse which I am anxious to thank here. Illustrations are pulled with the magnificent catalog 2001.

Hélène Bugat-Pujol

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