Yes, I was born in the beginning of February, 1905 and not before!

Yes, I measure 27 cm then 29 cm but so sometimes 28 cm, the various elements of my body piled
on three levels into each other more or less well.

Yes, I am often regrettably the object of reassemblies and patching up different! Take care !

Yes, I am mostly in biscuit of "passable" quality or in composition but I happen to be really very good-looking!


Yes, I have the fixed eyes but also sleepers....



Yes, I have the even black, blue or brown glass eyes but also in acetate ! ! !




Yes, I have sometimes the leaky ears but I was very young !

Yes, I have four incisors, never less but especially never more!.....


Yes, I have sometimes a dimple but not always and more or less marked, very marked when I am in composition, engraved P.C.

Yes, I have generally nostrils marked with a pink little point but so sometimes a small internal angle of my eyes..

Yes, I am always completely articulated and never have the steep legs (I leave this to the regional dolls)

Yes, I have a " 2 " between shoulder blades but often almost illegible because flooded in the lacquer of my back..


Yes, I have sometimes a label in the back
(there are two sorts) but this during precise and short periods. (Attention, computers can
everything, false money as false label ! ! !


Yes, I have mostly the number "1 "
marked under each foot but also,
and rather often, anything
( at the beginning ) or still the number 2 !

Yes, I have sometimes " small hollows poplités " behind knees but it is rather rare.

Yes, I often have big calfs with a strong instep but not always, what makes that, according to the time of my birth, I am very difficult to put shoes!

Yes, I have the friendly formed arms but it happens that they are skinny.

Yes, I have hands in accordance with my arms, sometimes of proportion normal, sometimes more small....

Yes, I always have always five separate fingers, but often one or two broken by dressings.




Yes, I always wore wigs, never of implanted hair, even in 1958.

They were always of beautiful quality but evolved in their cutting, their manufacture,
their materials (I had even some of their in nylon!!!)

Yes, in my last life, I was in rhodoïd but I have never had system speaking ,
so about any holes in the stomach! Pouah!

Yes, I had suitcases but the only one was able to be identified with certainty this day, that exposed
for my 80 years ( 1985 ) to the Courbevoie's Roybet-Fould museum, near Paris.

Yes, there are various moulds, so various types of carvings in the nape of my neck, and it arrives very rarely - it is true- that I am marked in front of, level with the neck, in a almost invisible way.


Yes, I had a small dog, Ric, but not enough time and only in moleskin



Finally ........

Yes, I am a small doll of good company, good family, in the magnificent but discreet and guenine worth outfit because I do not love really trimmings or the excesses of ribbons and whim except to disguise ! ! !

So, here is my 2005Centenary Mardi Gras 2005 !
( named " New Orleans " by Helene ! )



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