In Poupendol statistics , it often happens that the search word "Loulotte" appears. We therefore had to satisfy our visitors, especially as this adorable little doll of our time is delightful in every way !

 The first issues of La Semaine de Suzette from 1922 tell us that the Marquise de Grand'Air was a god-daughter, Louise, daughter of her gardeners Castle Clocher les Becasses (Belltower-the- Woodcock).. Louise grew up, married, had a daughter, Charlotte Louise, known as "Loulotte" and died shortly after birth. The Marquise had therefore sought the child Loulotte and had entrusted the care of her faithful Becassine

In fact, Mr. Maurice Languereau, author of "Becassine" under the pseudonym, an anagram of Caumery, had a daughter, Claude, whose existence had inspired the creation of character "Loulotte ". Miss Languereau become Madame Jacques CANLORBE recently died in PARIS about two year ago.

Loulotte and his nurse  Becassine
(Picture of Agnes Sura)

Colette MERLEN, Loos-les-Lille, passionate and compelling BLEUETTE specialist, author of the remarkable "BLEUETTE, poupée de la Semaine de Suzette" (Editions de l'Amateur 1992) and a second volume, on and complement first "(Edition of la Reinette 2005) had proposed in 1993 to organize a World Congress of Bleuette, with the contribution and the "Amis du Jouet Ancien de Lambersart " "(President at the time Brigitte ASTRUC) and Municipality LAMBERSART, near Lille. This joint event was called the "WORLD CONGRESS AND THE BEAR BLEUETTE" and be held in late October 1993. Divergent views among the organizers appeared to be, Congress BLEUETTE (all short) has been postponed to 18 and 19 March 1994 and was held in Lille-even in the ward of the Hospice Comtesse (1643) in the presence of eminent personalities including Mrs. Coleman and her daughter came especially from USA, Mr. Samy Odin future creator and director of the Musée de la Poupée-Parisl, already well known to aficionados-Dolls

Early 1993, Mrs. MERLEN had the idea of a souvenir doll for this "World Congress Bleuette". Courtesy of Mrs. CANLORBE, daughter of Maurice Languereau, aka Caumery, author of the texts of the famous cartoon Becassine, this doll was named "Loulotte ".

The achievement had been entrusted
to Bernard TERRIE (Het Gents Poppenatelier Brusselsesteerweg 240/242 9090 Melle, near Ghent). Three different molds were presented to Mrs. CANLORBE choice.

 An initial print run of 2,000 dolls, all numbered, had been arrested.


The clothes were (and are) made by drawing the wardrobe in the Loulotte albums Becassine (A note that, in turn, PINCHON, illustrator and Becassine Loulotte, inspired too often the wardrobe Loulotte-Claude Languereau ! ).

 They were made in materials and noble classics (skirts and berets in pure wool, cotton and linen wimple, hand knitted socks in pure cotton ...) by Marie-Edith CHARLES and two persons employed for this purpose.


Publishing GAUTIER and GAUTIER-Languereau, broadcast from 1905 to 1960 "La Semaine de Suzette", which featured the doll was the very famous "BLEUETTE ". This newspaper was also the chronicler of the adventures and misadventures of Anais Laborne, known as "Becassine" because of native-born of " Clocher les Becasses " near Quimper, in addition faithful servant of Madame la Marquise de GRAND'AIR.
She became nurse Loulotte !

Despite the postponement of the Bleuette Congress , Loulotte doll was marketed, sold primarily by subscription (500 F.), and direct sales end 93 and top 94, in various manifestations " Doll " (Fair GHENT, where she was presented for the first time September 26, 1993, Betton, Toymania, etc ....) and the "Bon Marché" Association "Circle Bleuette. The sale of "Loulotte" was provided by Mrs. Charles could see that we stand in the main lounges dolls.

 The dolls were purchased delivered in a nice cardboard box light gray with a blue label, rectangular with cut corners, wearing a white background " Loulotte ", the number and the name of the garment, for example, "Loulotte No. 41 pensionnat ( pensioner)".


Features Bisque head, according to the original mold TERRIE B. (perhaps inspired by a Simon Halbig mold), hollow or unmarked terrain, but the ink on the number of dolls, preceded by a "L" in cursive. Brown eyes fixed. Auburn mohair wig and leather shoes iof the house BRAVOT (BRAVOT Georgette, 13, Rue de Brunoy Villecresnes 94440). Painted eyelashes. 6 small mouth open upper teeth. Non-pierced ears. Height = 24 cm.
 Bleuette body type, but smaller, manufactured in Taiwan, navel clearly hollow, no brand, but sometimes a rectangular label ( at least for those subscribed and delivered in a box ):

Registered design :

Very difficult to rise elastic, very poor quality, are placed in a very complex.

Without that we can speak of different manufacturers, it is possible to distinguish four variants of the head:
 - Looking in the face, small eyes fixed (in fact, small pit eyes)
 - Looking in the face, large eyes (orbital fossa more large)
 - Looking riboulants fixed, like Google. -

Taste It finally closed the first of them chosen by Madame Claude Canlorbe

The Brand "Loulotte" was filed in BOULOGNE on Wed, September 24, 1993 and recorded November 19, No. 93485984, by Colette MERLEN-VANDUYCK (49 Rue Roger Salengro 59120 Loos-les-Lille) and Marie-Edith CHARLES MYLIUS (Castle College MACQUINGHEN Baincthun 62360). Protected classes: 20 (... Products not included in other classes of wood, cork, ... substitutes for these materials or plastics ....), 25 (Clothing, footwear, headgear), 28 (Games toys, ....).

For several months (or years?) The two thousand "Loulotte" originally planned have been sold. Mussels that remains, it seems, were sold to Marie-Edith Charles, which was re-assigned to Mr. Default in the Lyon region working to make reproductions, beautiful course but are not actually used by real Loulotte "Loulotte" itself, namely Madame Jacques Canlorbe which you find below the pedigree provided by one of our friends.


PS. All knitwear above were made by Helene BUGAT-PUJOL

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