Lyons-la-Forêt was last weekend Capital of beautiful doll, toy and charming automaton. Any free hotel room in twenty kilometres around, run up cars of everywhere, come guests who by train, who in taxi, who in bus....

Indeed, in majestic greenery of this big village so typically Norman and magnificent, the collection rare and little known of Miss Marie-Bernadette Chéron had found a discreet but magnificent case to expose itself and to be then scattered with the aid of Maître Denesle, saleroom Pillet.

Mechanical goat carriage, moulded cardboard leather covered.

"Monkey Family playing music" musical automaton, animated paper work. Size 48 X 45 X 15 cm
"Little dancing cats" German musical automaton (19thc.)

A vast room in walls hanged with elegant woodwork welcomed the guests - amateurs, come from a long way, sometimes even from a great distance to attend the event. All the family Thériault, Mister and Madam as well as their son and daughter-in-law, fascinated and amazed collectors were notably present, furtive and clear-sighted enthusiasts.

And naturally Mister François Theimer and his charming wife who informed patiently everybody with a lot of competence, patience, raising the mechanics of soft machines, opening delicately rare books of recreation, drawing attention on surpenants details...

A very beautiful sale so with very very beautiful things admirably presented in a warm and friendly atmosphere, a day of happiness!.....

Which was regrettably followed by an incredible and very important burglary :

All automatons, (except the black smoker of Roullet-Decamps - item n ° 1) and an important number of very beautiful dolls (Bru, Jumeau- triste, Poupée buste of Germany etc...) disappeared.

You guess without any trouble consternation during the auction .......




But very beautiful things still stayed fortunately, which ventilated for prices extremely high. So, the unique Bleuette of the sale ( Item n° 87 ) of which dress was not Gautier-Languereau, or even realized from pattern of "la Semaine de Suzette", of which the wig was not of origin and which was not wearing shoes was awarded for the equivalent of 19.000 F. (+ 17,94 % of expenses!)


This next weekend, the pilgrims of the doll will meet themselves, always the same, in Chartres this time for a sale of two days - without catalog- but where many of we shall make kind discoveries...

Soon on the net and Good Holidays !.......

We thank Mister Denesle for having authorized to draw from the magnificent calatogue of this sale photos which we chose to illustrate these some lines.


Jumeau 1st period. Pressed bisque head. Fixed wrists Size 1
H = 42 cm



We follow our small report by some photos of the disappeared items..... Doubtless they have already spend border and let us have-we few chances to be able to admire them again..... Nevertheless, if by any chance, you see one of them, warn the most close Police force which will get in touch with
Brigade de Gendarmerie 4, Rue du Four à Chaux 27480 LYONS-LA-FORET (FRANCE) Tel.: 02 32 49 60 17

"The girl with flowers and fan" french musical Automaton by Lambert.pourred bisque head by Jumeau H= 50 cm


School Teacher & School Mistress

(Items 4 & 5)

French Musical automatons by Roullet-Decamps

Pourred bisque head by Jumeau and Gaultier


"Spanish Tambourin Boy" Musical automaton by Lambert H = 50 cm

"Dancer" Musical Automaton by Roullet-Decamps Pourred bisque head by Jumeau H = 50 cm

"The musician cook" Musical automaton by Decamps, Pourred bisque head by Jumeau H = 50 cm


"The broken doll", french musical automaton by Lambert. Pourred bisque head by Jumeau. H=50 cm

"Guitar Player", french musical automaton by Theroude.Circa 1868.
Size = 34 cm

The Neddle girl", french made musical automaton by Roullet-Decamps. Circa 1900.Pourred Bisque head by Jumeau ROBBED



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