� With this new exhibit, the Mus�e de la Poup�e-Paris presents the fabulous collection of contemporary doll houses belonging to Madame Ingeborg Riesser.
     A true pioneer in this collecting field in France, this great collector has gathered an impressive array of miniatures coming from all over the world, related to decorative arts as well as applied arts. Founder of the Club de la Miniature Fran�aise in 1986, she also edited Le Magazine de la Maison de Poup�e et de la Poup�e d’Artiste from 1987 to 2009. Finally, she has been selling, since 1985, doll houses, miniatures and artist dolls in her Parisian shop � Poup�e Tendresse �.

La Maison inspir�e

Building and workshop

    The paragraph above is extracted from the long laudatory and instructive article which was written by the  "Mus�e de la Poup�e-Paris " dedicate to the very beautiful collection " Poupee Tendresse", well known of the collectors minuaturistes and amateurs of beautiful doll house.

     Poupendol advises you to go on this site which you know well certainly. We would not know how to say to you about it any more so much this beautiful article is informed, interesting and laudatory.

     We were able to put in our site of the month  other photos of this extraordinary exhibition what will allow all those of you whom a too important distance separates from Paris, to have an idea otherwise complete at least almost exhaustive of this beautiful event.

       Thanks to Samy Odin to allow us once more we can contemplate so beautiful realizations.

      Thank so very deeply to our friend Ingeborg Riesser to have had the kindness to share with the amateurs that she knows well this beautiful collection.

What a refinement ! What an art ! What a success !


Becker 's shop

Sleeping Baby

Wicker 's shop

The bed room

Playground and pupils 

Music room

The building and the shop window of " Poup�e Tendresse " where a long time Mrs RIESSER welcomed and still welcomes the passionate persons of miniatures On the spiral staircase

Superbe dining room

Victorian sitting room

Country kitchen

Painter Claude Monet's Kitchen 

The Workshop of  Santa Claus

Evening of Christmas

The Mamies ...and their cats

      Poupendol hopes that these some images will incite you to return  at the Mus�e de la Poup�e-Paris to see " in the truth " these very very beautiful doll houses, to appreciate the accuracy, the precision, the research for the exactness shown by the creators.

Good visit !

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