On 18 and 19 March 1994, the Hospice Comtesse of Lille (France) opened its doors for the first and prestigious International Congress of Bleuette, completely designed and produced by Colette Merlen,
the Universal Friend of Bleuette (the real ! ) 

*This entire convention was held in the old ward Countess Hospital, named in memory of its founder, Jeanne de Constantinople, Countess of Flanders, was transformed into a hospice for the aged and orphanage, told .... Les Bleuets...
 Strange coincidence. It is of course classified as
historical monuments since 1923 !


Colette Merlen speaks at length in Volume 2, dedicated to Bleuette. Ladies Dorothy  and Jane Coleman had to aileurs honored for their attendance and many other dignitaries this key event.

I  had acquired at that time a small booklet of twenty beautiful pictures that give an idea of this event which was and still is a milestone in the annals of Bleuette. These photographs were taken by Alix Federici, 97, Avenue Foch 59120 Lille

I thought I would share them on this second anniversary of the death of Colette, still very present in our memories.
This congress was an unqualified success.

Also, and I give  as I found  in the copy of Volume 2 "  Bleuette Poupee de la Semaine de Suzette " , I had the thrill of finding five photocopied sheets of Colette writing wich are the criticism by herself written about this second book.

She was already very serious heart and what I consider a bit like her Bleuette testament  leaves me both very sad very excited but also very appreciative to this desire, this obstinacy unspeakable.
No doubt you will be moved, you also, to discover her writing, her thoroughness, and also her difficulties to write .

The small photographic directory which I had acquired in 1994 contained 23 photos.

We let you discover them

and discover at the same time the importance of the Bleuette  outfit which possessed Colette. So many dresses as coats, so much fine lingerie as attractive pants or corsets.

 Here,at left, Bleuette wearing the original Becassine suit of  Gautier-Languereau.

Even those who knew nothing Bleuette but by this time, have gotten !

       There also many authentic costumes Gautier-Languereau and below many pretty dresses that you know all the names. Whether you say more about this wonderful exhibition that enchanted all visitors. Even those who knew nothing Bleuette but by this time, have gotten !

Colette has done a great job for a better understanding of this dear little doll. Here, you are entitled to Bleuette winter sports which was not yet as prevalent at the time that now.

And dresses are more beautiful than others .... Its beautiful house was invaded by Bleuette, her outfit, her hats, her accesssories...See here, all the dresses presentations that have followed over time. A different every four or five years !  and Little Bambino ....

There, nightwear, shirts, gowns, robes, slippers !  It was a sumptuous collection that I recommend you look carefully.
I fear that we have more or almost the opportunity to see such rich and reasoned ........

Below, the five handwritten pages from the hand of Madame Colette Merlen. It is her own critique of the second volume of Bleuette, which apparently she was not quite satisfied.
Her first editor of the first volume "Editions de l'Amateur" was definitely in a better understanding of the topic and interest to collectors.

We did not provide any editing, within these pages at any point. A true document which is inseparable from the doll Bleuette.

Poupendol hope that you take interest and pleasure to visit this splendid exhibition.



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