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Dolls of journey, Lilliputians, Miniatures, Dolls dolls' house, in brief, Dolls of small size measuring from 1 to 25 cms very handy, well articulated and easily transportable.


About 500 of these small dolls dating 1875 in our days are gathered in this exhibition with their decorations, furnitures, houses, accessories, outfits for a journey in the country of Lilliput.


Among this crowd in miniature, certain of these dolls largely marked their time.

n 1875 appear in France the first articulated dolls of pocket . In 1880 this type of dolls all biscuit measuring 13 cms takes the name of "Mignonnette" in the pages of the childish review " La Poupée Modèle " which makes the promotion of it during almost 40 years. The review publishes regularly patterns, models of different accessories, boards of decorations to be realized by its young readers.


The bedroom of this pocket doll is appeared in " Poupée Modèle " during all the year1878 I

So named, she preceded the " Mignonnette ". She is presented above in one of the decorations of the newspaper to be cut and to be risen oneself



From her part, Hitty, American journey doll of 15 cms, realized wooden dating XIX-th century is today collected and is object of reproductions.

The enthusiast collectors take their doll in all their journeys and photograph her in Paris, Rome or New York, in front of the famous monuments in dresses adapted to every situation. They tell then Hitty's adventures by sending photos to their friends!


Between two wars, who child did not play with the quite small bathers in celluloid, measuring 5 /15 cms, quite as the generation according to war enjoyed itself with the small hard plastic dolls made in France, in Italy or in Germany.


" Ari ", small rubber German dolls of 6 to15 cms, in traditional or city dresses made the happiness of the children of 1950's in 1960

Mignonnettes all bisque, ascents in marionettes, presented with their theater and decoration of origin, circa 1900.

Group of French Mignonnettes 1885/1890, all bisque. Wooden Furniture of time decorated of chromos.

In the 1960's, " Kiddles ", American dolls of 5 cms had a considerable success and reappeared in the 1980's under the name of " Littles ". Their transportable universe included a house, furniture and clothes.

Bather in celluloid ANEL, in the molded and painted shirt. The smallest size listed this day.

Couple of subjects all bisque, articulated in legs and in shoulders, manufacture Hertwig, Circa 1920-1925.

1970's were marked with mini-dolls models of 17 cms such as " Dawn " and " Pippa " of whom the rich wardrobes and the accessories held in a handbag .


Groupe de Mignonnettes pour Maison de Poupée, tête et membres en biscuit, corps en tissu bouré, 18890/1900.

Detail of the sight opposite.(Collection C.B.)


More recently, " Polly Pocket " occupied the pockets of the pupils of 1990's as well as " Krissy " and " Shelly " the small sisters of Barbie and their boyfriends' band.

Group of Mignonnettes, head in biscuit, German manufacture for the Italian market.
Wooden school by 1910.

Small dolls in celluloid, French, German or Italian manufacture. Furniture of time. Between 1940 and 1950. Opposite,......


Baby in earth of Italian origin. On 1940


In 2002, Mrs Jeanne-Yvonne Perchoc produced four "Mignonnettes ", presented in an authentic room with its furniture by 1880 and a set of wooden furniture painted by 1900. To see below:

Detail of joints with balls, extremely rare to the Mignonnettes

"Ginny", fabrication Vogue, 2002. All vinyl.

"Paulinette",all bisque, creation of Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen, 2002

Wendy Lawton realizes for 15 years articulated wooden " mignonnettes" with head and members in porcelain, representing characters pulled by the literature childish as " Les quatre filles du Doctor March " or " Alice au pays des merveilles ". These American dolls of collection are presented for the first time in France.


On the occasion of this exhibition, the doll " Small Princess " at 1250 Euros will be offered to the winner in the tombola opened to the customers of the shop of the Museum. Drawing of lots on Sunday , May 18, 2003 à 3 P.M.



Within the framework of this exhibition, the Museum of the Doll - Paris edits a book listing the patterns, the printed matters on tissue and the cardboard industries appeared in " La Poupée Modèle " for its doll:

" Mignonnette " La Poupée de poche de "La Poupée Modèle" 1878-1917 by Mathilde Héritier and Samy Odin, in sale in the boutique of the Museum and by correspondence.





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