Musée de la Poupée-Paris Exhibition from May 24 till November 2, 2003

It was once upon a time....

Tales for children already have inspired the artists.

For this exhibition the Musée de la Poupée-Paris suggested to artists in dolls realizing one or some creations in unique piece or in limited very being inspired by the tale of their choice.

Of Robin Hood, in passing by White Snow and the seven Dwarfs, of Alice in the Wonderland to Le Petit Prince, the representing artist's dolls characters of these magnificent tales will make dream small and big  !


The Mockeries of Plick and Plock (of Christophe) .

Only resin pieces by Pierre DURDILLY


Artist's doll, doll of art

Appeared in the 1970's in the United States and in Germany in the tradition of dolls and toys, artist's doll is the object now of a real craze. She is present in the boutiques of toys, the specialized salons, the auction and is object of publications and temporary exhibitions.

The interest of artist's doll does not lie, contrary to the antique dolls, in her age or her rarity. It is not a question either than a toy but well real art work which reflects the personality of the artist and touches the sensibility of the amateur.

Every artist puts his talent in the service of the beautiful, of the soft, the truth or the humor, in creations which are real reflections of the reality or unlike pure representations of their imaginary.

From some wood to the china, from some tissue to the leather by way of the papier-mâché, the wax and the resins of synthesis such as Cernit or Fimo, artist's contemporary doll conjugates tradition and modernity.

" Sleepy Beautiful " according to " The dreams of the Beautiful in the Sleeping Wood " of Fréderic Clément - Execution by Manou Ancelin

"The Queen of Snows"
by Véronique Jacquelin

" The Little Red Riding Hood, "
by Christine Böhm

"Peter Pan "by Véronique Jacquelin

"Miaouk" Légende " Le Chien, le Chat et la Perle" paper only piece of
Kette Amoruso

Artists and Tales

This exhibition reunites more than an about twenty French and Foreign Artists who reveal variety and quality of the contemporary creation in dolls.

Kette Amoruso ( France), Malou Ancelin ( France), Christine Böhm (Germany), Annie Derôme (France), Catherine Dève (France), Pierre Durdilly (France), Françoise Filaci (France), Eve Gerintes (France), Eric Giovannini ( France), Golia ( Italy), Philip Heath ( England) Heloise ( France), Veronique Jacquelin ( France), Nadine Leepinlausky ( France), Julien Martinez (France), Chris Noël ( France), Piitu Nykopp ( Finland), Guido Odin ( Italy), Pauline Bjonness Jacobsen (USA), Laurence Ruet ( France), Rotraut Schrott ( Germany), R. John Wright (USA).

The tales which dreamed the artists will also please guests who will be able to dip back into the magic universe of stories for children through stage settings inspired by the following histories:

Alice in the Wonderland, The Beautiful and the Animal, Robin Hood, The Queen of Snows, White Snow and the 7 Dwarfs, The Small Prince, the Cinderella, The Beautiful in the Sleeping Wood, The Book of the Jungle, The Tom Thumb, Pouceline, Skin of Ass, The Little Red Riding Hood, The Kicked Cat, Boucle d'Or and the 3 Bears, The Mockeries of Plick and Plock, Peter Pan, Nils Holgersson, Hansel and Gretel, Sterntaler, Frau Holle, Gauseliesel, The tree and Bucheron, The Legend of the God of the Tree, La Dévouée Simchon, The Dog, the Cat and the Pearl.


"Peter Pan and the Fairy Bell"
Only pieces by Françoise Filaci

Write your own tale and win a musical doll Boucle d'Or

fter the visit, the children from 7 to 12 years will be able to write their own tale inspired by the creation " The Apples " of Chris Noël. The author of the best tale will be the winnerdoll . The authors of 10 better stories will be rewarded by a poster of the Museum.

Text of an A4 page to be sent to theMusée de la Poupée-Parisd before August 31, 2003. Posting of 10 better texts till the end of the exhibition. Pricegiving on November 2, 2003 at 2 P.M.


"Apples" by Chris Noel (only pieces)


To listen stories in the middle of the Characters of tales

The Museum proposes, in association with the House of Tales and Histories :
a visit of the museum followed by a session of tale in the middle of these fabulous characters.





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