You have two months to go to the Musee de la Poupee-Paris and to look after babie....

Three hundred of babies come from everywhere in Europe but also from the United States wait for your smiles and for emotions within fitted out shop windows, presenting them in what makes the life of a baby - doll, clothes, accessories, all the daily of the childhood on which this small world is traced. What souvenirs return us along this presentation quite gently....


Shop-window of "Bébés de caractère"

Of the classic wise and restful Baby been born in France well before the end of the XIXth century to the numerous Babies called " character " been born, they, large-scale mostly in Germany at the beginning of the XX-th, roguish or peevish imps, expressing enjoyment, sorrow or anger! Very beautiful rare and numerous moulds are here; in numerous materials also: biscuit, china, wood, papier maché, celluloid, tissue, rubber, hard then supple plastic....

Bébé teteur SFBJ Moule 242

Rare Poupée Armand Marseille Moule 996

It was necessary of many things to make this world of Babies !

In advance in the private viewing of this exhibition, the Museum gave the start of the association of " Amis du Musée de la Poupée-Paris " ( " Friends of the Museum of the Doll - Paris " - the A.M.P.P. for the close friends). The first issue had been in advance sent to the already very numerous members! A predictable success, an initiative expected from all the collectors of Dolls of France and moreover

Américan Googlie Hug-Me Kiddie

K & R moule 126

Sitting Baby of Françoise Filaci

This hyphen of all the passionate persons missed us really. We are all very happy of this initiative which will not go without an additional work but will fill all friends of the doll who recognize in Guido and Samy Odin and all their team, know-how, tenacity, working power, finally really Knowledge with a big K put within the reach of all without exclusive.

Surprising Lenci plastic Doll "Pupo" 195O

" Chou " Roullet Decamps 1885

For all these reasons, they knew how to be necessary in Paris without no coterie makes up themself around to isolate them or that the least guest feels put " on the touch " because of the lack of knowledge. All certainly, of which my husband and myself sums very admiring in front of so much simplicity, so much kindness and so much true Culture !....

End of the 1st meeting of A.M.P.P.

During the 1st meeting of A.M.P.P.


Long life to A.M.P.P.!

Thank you to you Guido, Samy, Colette and the others ............




P.S. Vous trouverez en annexe un petit lexique permettant de ne plus confondre "Poupard" , "Bébés" , " Baigneurs".....etc. Ce lexique est tiré du Site du Musée de la Poupée-Paris où il figure avec illustrations. Click


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Petit lexique

* Poupon : poupée représentant un bébé encore au berceau.

* Poupard : poupée semi-articulée en carton bouilli représentant un enfant en bas âge.

* Baigneur : poupon réalisé dans une matière permettant de le baigner, en porcelaine émaillée au XIX siècle, en celluloïd au siècle dernier, en caoutchouc puis en matières plastiques.

* Nouveau-né : poupon représentant un bébé de moins d'un mois.

* Bébé : terme utilisé dès les années 1870 pour désigner une poupée représentant l'enfant de 3 à 12 ans. Terme utilisé actuellement pour désigner un poupon.

* Bébé de caractère : poupée représentant, à partir de 1909, le petit enfant au visage très expressif.