And which attractive museum, of mechanical music, here is which changes us dolls which occupy us génralement but there was in baby carriages, cradles, even Lioretgraphe unsettled for us allowes to discover the secrets of the songs.
The ensembe of this magnificent museum is important, and in the place where we do not wait for it create an extraordinary emotion.

On the road of our holidays, we looked between Bets and the Basse-Normandie for the very small but very attractive village of Ry (pronounce Ree), where as it was had said to me, relatively contemporary electric automatons (40 years) evoke the book "Madame Bovary" of Gustave Flaubert.
 We got lost in a maze of roads more than secondary during a long moment to go up finally a secondary road in tight laces. There, in an elbow, one young sticks (too discreet) " Musée de Musique Ménanique "  (Museum of Mechanical Music) . We were not far from Ry, certainly and did not know nothing of the place, of its name, what we  appeared to us a strangeness

because we knew or thought of knowing the big names of the collectors on the subject. 
Without hesitating, we entered a vast yard (practice for the buses of visitors) and went to ring at a small door very "proprette" but very discreet also. We go in and a Sir charming,  smiling moves to our encounter with many  kindness.
Presentation made by our curiosity, we learn that is here an extraordinary mecanic music museum, that visit (1.30 h) can be made at 3 pm. Our host gives us an outline amazing of his so unexpected collection in this place so lost.

 It's midday. Mister Bastié gives us in writing a plan made by him under our eyes for Ry, our initial destination and the address of a excellent restorant, "La Table d' Oscar ", also known as " Le  Bovary ". Provide with this informations we take back. the road Meeting at 3 pm.

Excellent lunch after which we make the impasse of the machines of this delicious village of Ry, it will be for next time (photo). It was time  to return to the Museum.

    Visit privileged if any ! Few visitors, dommage! but all the various instruments: Limonaire, organ cactus, mechanical pianos, music boxes, accordions playing alone (see below ).... were initiated and played such beautiful melodies of the past that we all know, whether of fairground rides, from bastringue, castles, family, street ...... Stunning ! And all this for six people, us counted !

    This visit is really worth seeing and I remain very surprised to have intended never the name of mister Bastié, warned collector but what the concern of the years which pass worries.

    . Without hurrying up, calmly, but he seems very aware of the problem which comes,he announced us his wish to retire and hopes to find a rescuer of the completeness because it is  question of one very complete, very succeeded collection

    Not on the spot, he is well conscious that it will be impossible but in the Norman region or in Paris. It is not simple, naturally.... All that this passionate person made voluntarily for his collection and his museum who will make it after him ?

Boite à Musique
Genève 1888

    He has several unique pieces), thus very rare and  it will that the successor has to be arranged himself in warned man, to operate everything for the conservation as is of a true admirably preserved heritage.


Before this museum disappears as many others of our country, fast go to see it, before phone... You do not regret your visit !


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