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Japanese dolls are the surface .... the Rouen Museum

The Museum of Rouen (founded in 1828 in the convent of the Visitation), has important ethnological collections.
It is the main heir of many collections of Jules Adeline.
  Thus, in 1910, it includes in its collections, 106 pieces related to Japanese culture.

Adeline collection was open to all forms of Japanese art. Throughout his travels, he piled kakemonos, posters, prints, ceramics, pagodas, masks, furniture, fans, cheeks, statue, paper theaters.

And also dolls. These represent warriors, samurai, theater actors ...

  France 3 Haute-Normandie has devoted, February 22, 2013, a report signed Thierry Chion - Rouen journalist Side
  and published on the Internet: <>

  Better if you can go visit the Museum:
Natural History Museum Street Beauvoisine, 76000 Rouen.
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 14h to 17h30. Closed on public holidays. Price: 3 euros.

PS We recall in the same spirit of splendid ethnographic exhibition of the Museum of Doll Paris
  and that the report devotes Poupendol <ethnies gb.html>

Madness Playmobil

The Playmobil is revolutionary.
 It is between the traditional figure, lead, and the articulated doll image

They are more than two billion on the planet, small colorful plastic figurines born from the imagination of a certain Hans Beck, the world's children, ecstatic, clippent and déclippent alternately arm since 1974 ...
A saga that goes from birth to Nuremberg to a popular exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts, we tell you this week in four episodes.
For two months, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, hordes of thirtysomethings and toddlers communicate in the same ecstasy before the windows of the exhibition devoted to Playmobil. They learn that their beloved figures, devoid of gross national identity, were born in Germany, close to Nuremberg, the capital of European sport since the fourteenth century.
And they can say thank you to the oil crisis without increasing the price of plastic material for the election of hula-hoops and large pedal tractors manufactured by the family business Geobra Brandstätter, it would can not be grown its employee Hans Beck to accelerate the development of a masterpiece of miniaturization: a figure of 7.5 cm plastic molded to the boil deliberately neutral, taking in a child's hand and accompanied by a series of accessories making it scalable to infinity.
Fascinating article published in four. Here is a link to track the following:
<,53230.php >

Marsh 19th  2010

All these "Top Models" are extraordinary and we can only regret the prohibition respected and not to shoot. Their two creators had been very strong, we can only refer you to sites below that of Museum which section is absolutely perfect and very instructive: 

Hina Matsuri
Feast of Dolls in Japan
  March 3 every year

Until March 7th, the whole village exposes dolls of the feast of the girls (hina matsuri) which takes place on March 3rd. Practically all the stores are decorated and the stages of dolls (quite at the top the Emperor and the Empress) overflow of everywhere. There is even which dates the period of Edô (of the XVIIth in the XIXth century). Below some very attractive photos taken by "Hélène" and published by her on her site the link of which we give you:



We found a very attractive relation of a visit of the show of Nuremberg.

We undertake you to click the link and to follow "Poumie" through stands. You will not be disappointed  !


( Thank you and bravo for the editor of this blog ! )

It is a little a return to basics:
The Mattel company indeed presents to the Show of Nuremberg three Barbie's new models, in the effigy of three big celebrities that are princess Victoria, heir of Sweden, Kim Clijsters, the tennis player and... J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter).

Indeed, when Mattel created Barbie, it was inspired by a "glamor girl" German born in 1955, Lili (or Lily).

So now exunt Barbie gymnast, veterinarian, or an air hostess, welcome to Barbie modeled on personalities.

The senior vice president of International Barbie. Rosa Zeegers, explains the choice of three celebrities: "These are real examples for girls of all ages who embody the essence and values of Barbie."

The figures wear the same clothes and have almost the same faces as those that inspired them. A little rejuvenation has however been made on JK Rowling.She is dressed in a suit of black wool and warm and equipped with a small bouquet of flowers as she presented herself during the Monsters and Critics Award Banquet 2009 . Remember that the Nurembetg Show runs from February 4 to 9. It attracts about 75,000 visitors to 70,000 new judge.

Purpose of the game, not concealed by Mattel: change the image of Barbie, beautiful but stupid. The doll is here to promote real female role models.
(Sources: From February 4, 2010, article in Ouestt-France and ActuaLité by S.Clement )


Dolls manequins or so-called "fashion", the "DOLLS COUTURE" as called Vogue, have increasingly their amateur girl and boy. Thus, the Musée de la Poupée-Paris devoted its imminent exposure to "SYBARITES" (of March 14, 2010 to September 19, 2010) highly honored in recent months.
   And at the time when Paris is in full haute couture fashion, these ladies have them in the shop-windows of tha parisian departmenr store " Printemps " for Christmas. See more ....

Every Christmas, the Magic has come to the Boulevard Haussman thousand lights illuminate the windows of department stores.
   At the " Printemps ", the festivities will be placed this year under the sign of Russia, with animated displays that make tunes dacha in a festive colors and Slavic folk motifs. Children and adults can admire four Russian dolls very couture designed by John Galliano, Chanel, Victoire de Castellane, Dior for exclusively for windows of "Printemps Haussmann ".
 The two figurines were created by Chanel's features famous characters and symbols in the history of the house: the Duke Dimitri one of the great loves of Coco Chanel and Princess Nadejda one of his close friends, dressed in a dress parade last Paris-Moscow in miniature version. John Galliano for Dior has designed a doll inspired by folklore with Russian fur hat, traditional dress and boots laced, Victoire de Castellane has in turn adorned the fingers of her doll collection of colored rings in the style of his Dior Joaillerie creations.
 Source :

A rare family of Auctioneers.

ndeed, Ms. Jean Lelievre is a woman of the auctioneer, it is of course the mother of the auctioneer Jean-Pierre Lelievre.

     It is twice stepmother auctioneers:

    Philippe ROUILLAC to Vendome and Alain PARIS at the Galerie de Chartres. Their wives, Christine and Brigitte, has always been collaborating with the auction houses of Vendome and Chartres.

   Since last December 5, it is twice grandmother auctioneers: Arnaud LELIEVRE and Aymeric ROUILLAC have been successfully received their exams auctioneers.

So today, 5 auctioneers !

POUPENDOL can only present its congratulations to Ms. Jean Lelievre
and compliment the whole family

Muslim Barbie

Barbie We all know the blonde with blue eyes. Now there is the veiled doll!
 Barbie has almost completely disappeared in the Middle East. since become a symbol of the West perverse "held its shameful and her boyfriend Ken.
  To replace several dolls were born:
   "Fulla" made in China and created by a Syrian house "NEWBOY" Fulla (Jasmine), two friends "Yasmine" and "Nada".
   "Leila" Colllection doll sold by Mattel. On November 21, 500 copies were wearing a burqa was auctioned in a charity auction, to benefit Save the Children ", organized by Sotheby.
    "Sara" veiled doll sold in Iran.
    "Razanne, created by a Michigan firm, is the Muslim consumers who live in the United States.

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Poupendol recently discovered this very beautiful site of miniatures and toy houses abundantly illustrated with very beautiful photos for dedicated to the same subjects. It is enough to click the image above to discove it.


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