Several years ago already, my friend Albert Bazin said me his curiosity for the house of toys

" Les Fils de Nicolas Clerc " ( The Sons of N. Clerk ).

It really said to me nothing but months, years later, I had the opportunity to acquire a knockdown cart (lanyard) of this house in its remainder of stamped packaging. It was about a toy of white wood in which was hitched a beautiful solid mule in grey imitation leather of the most charming effect.

Finally, recently, I had the opportunity to acquire the complete catalog (with its appendices and price rates of a commercial of this house dated 1954.
And there, we know  the age of this house of toys because it had already   deposited a patent of cardboard mechanical molding at the time of its participation in the French-British Exhibition of 1908 and had obtained a diploma of honor in the Exhibition of the Modern Decorative Arts in 1925. (See above )

The catalog which I possess opens from both directions: 

Side crushes the delicious "empoilés" horses "PAMPO", 20 presented photos, all in roulettes, two in seesaw,  Down one of them and, on the left, its origine Clerc stick.

Side face, dolls " DO RE MI ", brand name, so presented :

- Series painted Eyes size 26, washable with wig, dress white and printed fabric
- Series Eyes sleepers with lashes, head in incombustible Rhodoïd, dressed printed fabric taffeta or organdie, plastic shoes , painted hair or wigs.

On the catalog, we have eight photos. Among these, the first watch the smallest model (22 cms) which has , him,  painted hair. Among seven other photos, one of doll is presented bare.
Single one is named  "Paquerette " ("Daisy" - Size 55 cms), completely plastic (acetate incombustible cellulose). Articulated in shoulders, elbows, neck, wrists, thighs and knees. This one star of the year is presented as being the only doll in Europe realized plastic, washable, being 54 cms and thus completely articulated, eyes sleepers with lashes go up on flexible shockproof supports, "peignable" hair. Patented manufacturing, naturally!

 It is the biggest of their dolls which has a different choice of eight dresses or skirt and blouse in organdie, overglaze, all with hat, beret or wide-brimmed hat.
Her price according to the clothing between 3.245 F. - the most expensive- and 3.100 F. for the least expensive.

Every doll is delivered in box  by unit.

And indeed by reading, in very small writing, we can read:

Supplement for voice of the sizes 36-44: 100 francs.
For the sizes 48-52 and 55: supplement 120 Francs. 

Turning the page dedicated to dolls, I continue to discover two other series.

For these charming dolls varied furniture among which the folding beds (polypolished or lacquered), convertible chairs,  Alsatian cradles, armchairs, folding strollers.
*This house was in 1954 in 121 Avenue of the President Wilson in La plaine Saint-Denis. It also realized for all the industries  plastic moldings.
This house of toys thus lasted as long as the S.F.B.J.. Regrettably, I have no other information, and do not know the year of its disappearance. If one of you, Visitors, knows about it a little more, it is with pleasure that we shall make share your knowledge with our regular customers. By looking for possible dolls DO RE MI  of the sons of Nicolas Clerc, I found completely contemporary dolls, and indeed in the style of the day, made under this name there. Did the deposit of the patent really fall?

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