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October 08, 2002 - January 12, 2003

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The period of the end of year is often strictly related to toys and to dolls. For the XIX-th century, the children receive their most beautiful toys at the time of New Year's gifts or as Christmas present. According to countries or times, multiple are the traditions which, even nowadays, punctuate the end and the beginning of the year: that they are of Christian or laic inspiration, these customs evolved. Some disappeared, others were transformed, others else migrated from a country to the other one.


Rarity and beauty. This "Albert Marque " give you her smile and her mandarins.


For this new exhibition, the "Musee de la Poupee Paris" wants to revisit some of these traditions: figure known well with Saint-Nicholas either that less popular of " Père Fouettard " ( Father Fouettard ), prayers to the Child Jesus or letter to the " Père Christmas " ( Father Christmas) , wishes of the new year or " window-shopping " before New Year's gifts, Christmas tree , the Christ Child's crib, the slippers in front of the fireplace and the cooking of the Christmas dinner, the writing of greeting cards and rehearsals of Christmas carols...

To stage this festive universe, team of the museum chose in its reserves hundred rare, even exceptional dolls, dating the XIX-th and the beginning of XX-th centuries, made in France, in Germany, in Italy and in England by illustrious firms such as Jumeau, Bru, Simon and Halbig, Kestner, Käthe Kruse, Lenci, Burgarella, Norah Wellings, Dean's... Rarity among rarities, a doll with head and arms in biscuit sculptured by the famous artist Albert Marque for the Parisian fashion house Margaine Lacroix, realized by the " Société Française de fabrication de Bébés et Jouets " ( S.F.B.J.) in 1916

Besides and for the first time in Paris, the museum welcomes in the midst of this exhibition, a selection of dolls resulting of one of most prestigious German firms which creates dolls since 1911 and wears the name of her founder : Käthe Kruse. From ancient models to the quite new range 2002, these touching and irresistibles dolls of tissue give evidence of an exceptional know-how and return us to a concept of pure and timeless toy which finds the just place in this event.

We prepare a good pancake
so that our friends pull
cheerfully the Kings!

Even though we are not Kings
all the five, we feasted with
this good pancake.

Wishes to the grandparents. . . . .

. . . to whom we sleep this evening.

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