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....Publication again of Little Catalogs


Winter1949/1950 !
In which catalog we find our dear "Petit Bob", identical to itself more or less. Indeed here is the description :
- Coat with half belt (not loose fitting jacketÉthat has probably gone out of fashion!) woolen garment of beautiful quality ( no longer wool velvet, too expensive!) trimmed with bronze buttons with anchors ( this indication of anchors is the first of the kind) and an American polo (which keeps its name!, all for 375 Fr ! 


It is the most expensive garment in the catalog after the "Marin" (sailor). But also and especially on the drawing which adjoins this description, one sees that it buttons for the first time in the right way! That of the clothes of a little girl. It is not therefore a remainder of the old stock! (Interesting to note that, where the closure is shown as for a little boy, the actual garments close as for a little girl. Where the closure is shown as for a little girl, the actual garments close as for a little boy. A.S.).

Presented with the straight collar framing the face, no indication of color. But as the catalog is in "navy" and white what was the color of the garment of this time? To annoy me, gaiters. On this drawing are once more very much present, it is cold, we are in winter but it is always impossible to know more about them, either the description or the price, what is surprising is the continuing of their presentation. And they are really gaiters which go up high on the leg, maintained tightly well stretched by an elastic passing under the shoes !

In the catalog of Summer 1950 it is not mentioned at all, for the first time for twenty years but it will return !
Winter 1951/1952 sees it stable, identical to the last even in price but it could not lastÉ

In Summer 1952, even though the fabric is not clarified, it increases again to 525 Fr. It is presented with the small crocodile schoolbag (150 Fr).

In Winter 1952/1953, paradoxically the price lowers from 525 Fr to 510 Fr. Always the two colors, navy and red ( and always bright redÉit is true that the last ones are of a red bordering on wine and are less brilliant) and always the buttoning from left to right.


Summer 1953 and Winter 1953/1954, nothing to report, the house calms down, prices also unchanged. In the catalog of Summer 1954, "Petit Bob", always shown in two colors, navy and red, buttons again and finally in the right way - for only the second time in 25 years. If we were going to continue the error, why does not the same little outfit for the little boy Bambino, close from the right to the left? But the price remains unchanged for the clothes of the brother and sister as well in the following catalog of Winter 1954/1955.
In the Summer 1955 catalog, here is "Revised Petit Bob"! In magnificent red "ratine" or "roy" (not navy, it is more smart!) the drawing shows it well, all fluffy since it is the "ratine" but it no longer says "jacket" or coat. The drawing is rather clear! This change, to bring it in line with current tastes allowed a price increase from 510 to 525 Fr. É15 francs more than for "Mon Yacht" for Bambino, also presented in "ratine" but this time presented with a polo and not the cap "Jean Bart", a polo with a chin strap of imitation leather which is part of this set - not the case of the previous beret which normally went with the sailor outfit "Jean Bart". It is now 520 Fr, an increase of 120 Fr.

In the Winter 1955/1956 catalog, no change in description of price. On the other hand there is the appearance of "Petit Bob" for the big sister of Bleuette, Rosette. Price: 585 franc. Well! She is bigger and needs more fabric to make it. For the first time also, the word "jacket" is definitely abandoned and replaced with "coat ".
Summer 1956, a large new increase in price for Bleuette from 525 Fr. To 595 Fr. "Mon Yacht" increases from 520 to 580 Fr, an increase of more than 10% in one year. That of Rosette goes down bizarrely: 580 Fr to 500 Fr.
Apparently a certain disorder heralds the setbacks which are coming.
In Winter 1956/1957, if "Mon Yacht" remains unchanged, there is a new increase for Bleuette's "Petit Bob" which goes to 595 Fr, with that of Rosette raising its price from the previous winter to 685 Fr. 

Summer 1957 Bleuette's "Petit Bob" is 610 Fr! That of Rosette is to 705 Fr, "Mon Yacht" goes to 600 FrÉIt is the collapse of the increases!
Finally and to finish this exhaustive study of the outfit, " Petit Bob ", based on catalogs of Gautier-Languereau, the last catalog speaks us about sales and bargains to be realized by going to the shop, 18 Rue Jacob but naturally, our " Petit Bob " is by no means on sale and ends at 640 Fr for Bleuette, 740 for Rosette and 630 for "Mon Yacht "! !

I made the decision to connect " Petit Bob " of Bleuette with that of Rosette which has the same name and with " Mon Yacht ", because they are three versions of the same garment intended for three different dolls. It was a continuing classic throughout the story of Bleuette, Bambino and Rosette. It was and it is always perennially fashionable. A current doll, a small girl or a little boy, of today, would still wear it, it remains strangely modern !
In summary, there was no change in the design, it remained absolutely unchanged, the colors always in bright or less bright red, and the navy blue lighter or darker.
The only differences: the method of closure which was for a long time that for a boy, in the drawings only, then normally restored to the correct closure for a girl, then shown again as for boys, then finally as for girls.
And also, the closures themselves, because at first they were with hooks and loops, then snaps just after the war in 1949, then again hooks and looks, and finally buttonholes!.

Besides in the numerous examples which I was able to examine of this little garment, no half belt had the two little decorative buttons.....exept for 1949/1950 (See opposite).
Were they removed ? In spite of my looking very closely with a magnifying glass, I could not find any trace : needle holes, some thread remains.....





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