A few months ago, Poupendol proposed you a site on the appendices of the "appendices" of " La Poupée Modele ". This site still appears moreover on the homepage and you made discover maybe the charming bit extras of this delicious newspaper which many do not know.
We seized the chance to get us the other appendices of the same edition, even more surprising and perfectly kept :

It appears in the form of small pads.

The biggest that we possess measure 10 cms on 7 cms; it is " L' album de musique de  ma poupée "

You see below examples of these children's songs that we know all, friendly put in images and in colors !

Two others wear are called the same title " Gerbe de ma poupée " and are smaller 7,5 cms on 5 cms

One is an alphabet primer with " various chapters ": Articulations, Words to be read, Monosyllables, Sounds of exception, Nasal voles, compound Vowels, and two small moralizing texts, " the crumbs " and " the nice Rosette ".

The other, downright right-thinking begins with Prayer, For Mom, The Charity, a polite Child, the Politeness and ends strangely by a short poem in the oxen which plough 

The sheets of these adorable and old-fashioned three small pads in colors, gilded on edge ! are " restraints " by lively red one ribbon of pure silk  and are to be manipulated with precaution of course because of their age. Even if the date of their publication is not specified, we know well heard that it is very previous in 1900.

And then to follow upon three postcards of " La Poupes Modele " which I showed you in the previous site, in here is six news which I had the opportunity to acquire. Note that these postcards, all I believe, date of the beginning of the XXth century, unlike the small pads which, them, are unmistakably older.

These testimonies of past reminding us what was then the doll, its importance in the education of the children which was obvious towards the family, the cousins, the uncles and the aunts, the grandmother and the grandfather.
These simple and moving short stories which we sent to youngs, are really always an enjoyment for whom bends little over the past of our France before …



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