The Awakening of senses by the dolls
Here, an unforeseen and welcome subject of exhibition !

Very early, the manufacturers perceived the advantage to give to their dolls the small more to intrigue the child and to arouse at him a steady attention and an educational curiosity.

The first of the senses to which they became attached was taste by the small tooth, sometimes guessed between lips or teeth when dolls began to open the mouth. The  "Bébe têteur" very worked is an excellent example of it, studied and perfected until the bottom of feets ! 

Two Bebes-Teteurs (sucking babies ) :

- On the right, Poupon Raynal en Rhodoid circa 1952-

On the left " Tonino  italian production  of Furga circa 1960

At the same time , the manufacturers became attached to the sight, so to eyes, very beautiful, very alive, very elaborated, in sometimes extraordinary materials on which the researchers hesitate still between the crystal and the glass.

They become sleepers due to theingenuity of various systems, pull in the back or on the side,  cordon or simple fall of the doll. Finally a single system continued, that of against. weight known well with all now.

To feign or to stimulate hearing, there, numerous mechanisms  were even  invented and used successively: simple bellows, pull there also, poir as in the Steiner's first-rate and so beautiful whistler, quite simple reversal of the doll. Finally Edison's true talking doll, in record player with disc incorporated into the breast towards the end of XIX-th century.

Monkey " Cramer " about 1925 with chime!

Doll S.F.B.J. (in red) about 1920, with a set “speaks” of pull knobs.

The bulldog barks. The sheep bleats

For the touch, the use of different materials to make the doll pleasant to the touch, makes fun to caress, to cherish suceed : biscuit purposes but so fragile, at the origin of numerous drama, leather, wax, angel's skin, simple tissue, many realizations were born with supple and varied fillings allowing all the positions or almost.

Paper-mache Poupard

Raynal doll in Rhodoïd (Acetate)
Bear in synthetic fur.  Sponge cloth rabbit 

Finally the last one of our five senses was not very early the object of searches. Remember yourselves the smell of the babies of celuuloïd ! It is matter made now since notably the settling to Corolla by Madam Réfaber of a flavor intended to cover smell the materials, in the occurence for this house, that of one variety of plastic of a charming colory but smell of which did not please her. She perfumed it very lightly in the vanilla simply.....

This she-bear (it is a young lady) of Marie-Christine Breaking is scented with peach..... She brushes the nose of them!

Since, many manufacturers otherwise all the manufacturers exploitthis diferent  finds ; the  little partner is more  attractive, docile, pleasant to the little girlss. I advise you to read this long subject on the site of " Le Musée de la  Poupée Paris " which gives you numerous and recent information about it.
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And in the exhibition which you will not miss, you will discover more than two hundred details items that your children could sometimes touch, smell,or listen. All these toys are there, in profusion to surprise you and often to be amazed.