This very interesting document from 1924 is an echo of the exhibition that Miss Koenig had taken the initiative to organize in the late nineteenth century and you find the report for several months in Chapter Poupendol "Lime Light" under the name of just " Poupées de Marie Koenig (Dolls by Marie Koenig)" This article is still very much appreciated visited if we judge by our statistics.

Poupendol was fortunate to find the document below that we will deliver a true pleasure. Miss Koenig attracts a following (this is the case to say!).
It is true that regional dolls, often mistakenly referred to as "folk dolls" are delicious, provided that the manufacturer has really worked and that it is not just holiday memories.

We do not know the origin of this document other than its date. If one of you knows, please share your knowledge with our faithful daily more numerous.


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