Rare, very rare, curious, magnificent really, the exhibition of the Royal Dolls accompanied this weekend the auction and the Polichinelle Salon in the Ambassador hotel.S



Proposed by François Theimer, expert in dolls, it could only be very interesting and new. This one took out for the occasion a wonderful book on the subject. Edited in 150 copies only, it will allow those that acquired it to have precision and details on this unusual production of the XVIII th century of which there is in the world a little more forty details, quite various but quite, naturally , the same time.




Some belong to museums. The others are in private, American collections notably, which their owners are kind enough to lend for the occasion.




The Queen herself on the road of the scaffold in dress of frieze was the only item put up for sale on this subject. She found buyer in 20.000 Euros.


With the rare and personal license which was given to us to take photos, we want to share with our friends of dolls this curious subject which gathered about twenty important sujects and shop windows of accessories and child's toys. We shall not see againas soon as a so beautiful set.



See rather and wonder,




H. & D. B-P


© Any reproduction of photos, even partial, is forbidden except
specific, special and wrote agreement by Mr. François THEIMER.

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