While Bleuette, star doll of the " Semaine de Suzette ", lived 55 years and while she was the partner of thousand girls (and also of great girls ! ), Rosette, her big sister, lived only 5 years and be not a success for which we expected from her. Nevertheless she  looked like Bleuette (It was a mould 301 ). The  Gautier-Languereaufirm hoped that Rosette would contribute to relaunch " La Semaine de Suzette " and  to compensate for the decline of the sales of Bleuette begun since 1950.

Rosette is not a doll of "spontaneous generation": she is the descendant and the heir of several generations of a 35 cm dolls. It is mentioned for the first time in  la Semaine de  Suzette of January 6th, 1955,  about a patern of Bleuette as being her " Great Sister " .

January 27th, 1955, " La Semaine de Suzette " publishes a first advertising for the " Great sister of Bleuette ", completely plastic doll with hair in rayon and 
sleeper eyes.

On February 10th, 1955, the Great
Sister of Bleuette,  always plastic, became "Grande Bleuette" with hair in rayon and sold 1.250 F., as previously.

April 7th, 1955, "Grande Bleuette" of 35 cms is announced articulated with an unbreakable or china head, with hair in rayon or natures. She is sold by 1.800 F. to 2.225 F. according to the model. 

On July 7th, 1955 Grande Bleuette becomes officially " ROSETTE ", without new characteristics and in the same price list.


It is a completely articulated doll. She has a porcelain head or an unbreakable head, with  sleeper eyes, hair were curled in rayon or natures with braids.

Rosette is a doll of S.F.B.J ., mould 301, marked " Unis France " sold as being 35 cms (really it is 36,50 cms with its wig) while the classic dolls Unis France, size 3,  are 33 cms.   
Considering her rarity, Rosette is not very known and thus, often, not recognized by the collectors who often confuse her with the doll Unis France, sizes 3, with whom she shares the same head and the same legs.

A small comparative study enters a doll Unis France 3 and Rosette shows that: 

  1 ° THE HEAD of an outside diameter of 65 mm (thickness of included ears) is the same for both marked dolls 3 on the base of the neck. She is engraved " 71 UNIS FRANCE 149 ",  " 301 ", in an elliptic oval generally hidden by the wig.

2 ° THE TRUNK is different by:

A) The material:  
- Classic Unis France, molded cardboard trunk.
- Rosette 1956: trunk in composition.
- Rosette 1958: plastic trunk

B) The shape of the body and the diameter of the opening intended to receive the head :

33,50 mm for the doll Unis - France
30,00 mm for Rosette. She thus has the head heightened with a more clear and more elegant neck. There is not to numéro  engraved in the back there.

3 ° THE LENGTH of THIGHS is of :

52 mm for the doll Unis-France.
85 mm for Rosette 1956-1958

4 ° LEGS are identical as well as the marked feet 3.

5 ° ARMS are identical. (It is necessary to note that for the same doll it can have a difference of 2 mm from a member to the other one there).

In conclusion, what differentiates Rosetteof the doll Unis France size 3, it is of very long thighs (33 mm in more) that give to Rosette a certain elegance and allowing her to wear clothes High fashion G.L

Rosette took advantage of the tradition G.L of good taste and of refinement. The same clothes as for Bleuette were made in her measures by following the fashion and the seasons.

For that the girls can dress her " La Semaine de  Suzette "  published paterns common to Bleuette and to Rosette, both sizes appearing on the drawing. Also the biannual catalogs proposed, ready to wear, the same clothes in both sizes.

From summer 1955, she also had her private hospital of repairs where all the details constituting her were available to have her repaired or her repair one - even.

From winter 1955/56 the artificial hair are not any more mentioned, they were got rid of very certainly.

In spring and summer on 1958, for dolls with head china all the models are still available but for dolls on unbreakable head there is not more than a model with curly hair. 

In spring and summer on 1959, it does not stay more than Rosette with head china with braids of any tints or curled brunettes only. For those in unbreakable head, are proposed only brown curly wigs or brown.

Between summer and the winter, 1959, there are not dolls anymore with unbreakable head.

Finally in " La Semaine de Suzette "  of December 3rd, 1959, we find a last advertisement for three dolls, of which Rosette with head china only, with natural hair with braids. While they were sold 2.250 F. in Winter, 1958/59, they will be settled on 2,000 F. (20 NF.) in Winter 1959/60. Settled last time 15 NF in the number 136 of 30.6.1960, it disappears definitively  .......

The lack of success and the failure are due to the context of the period which had considerably evolved and to which the firm G.L. had not known how to adapt itself :

" La Semaine de Suzette " appeared to be a newspaper remained too moralizing, too wise and too much reserved for the girls exclusively. Other newspapers as Mickey, Tintin, Spirou, etc. intended for the girls and for the boys is more fashionable and traced on the modern life.

 Moreover, in department stores, the girls can see in profusion all the creations of toys and dolls stemming from new technologies, for example dolls Bella, GéGé, etc. who can be bathed and washed.

  They are plastic flexible, more pleasant to cherish and they have implanted hair which we can wash, comb and change hairstyle.

All these novelties dedicate the commercial decline of Bleuette and Rosette, these last ones becoming the dolls of their Mom and their Grandma and the collectors....

Rosette, having lasted only some years, is naturally rarer. But although she went out late and during the decline of the G-L. firm and of S.F.B.J ., she is not less a part of the Universe of " la Semaine de Suzette "  .

10 Février 2002  

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