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Within the scope of the prestigious Annual Convention which, this year, holds in New Orleans, The U.F.D.C. (The Federal union of the clubs of Dolls) reserved several events concerning Bleuette: Conference, Seminar, Reunion, Workshop, finally..... a Luncheon
" Arlequine on 1923 ". Luncheon at which the participants should appear accompanied with their Bleuette dressed in one of the disguises patterns appeared in " La Semaine de Suzette "

This " Luncheon ", on July 24, will be certainly one of the strong times of Friends de Bleuette. The choosed subject, it seemed to us sensible to put back on-line " Bleuette's disguises " appeared in January, 2001, and so to take advantage of it those that will not be in New Orlêans ( and they will be numerous! ). This article by Suzanne Gautrot, eminent specialist of Bleuette is completely remarkable. Absolutely complete, all the suits appear there. Pagination, delicious fresco in colours and all the photos are of Daniel Bugat-Pujol. Hélène Bugat-Pujol's foreword replaces Shrove Tuesday in the context of its historic and religious previous story..

POUPENDOL wishes you a pleasure renewed in the reading of this very joyful article and



I - Patterns of the "Semaine de Suzette"

Everybody likes disguising, adults and children, to change personality a short moment.
Dolls do not miss in this desire and particularly Bleuette.
Hardly one year after the "birth", she is become "Neapolitan" (n ° 1 of 1906), then "Madness" (n ° 2 of 1907) and " Bécassine " (n ° 36 and 37 of 1908) or in " Bride " (n ° 44-45 of 1908), another "Neapolitan" (n ° 4 of 1910), another "Bride" (n° 42-43 of the 1912), "Swiss" (n ° 23-24 of 1914), "Alsatian" (n ° 14 of 1915), " Boulonnaise " (n ° 28 of 1915), "Scotswoman" (n ° 34-35 of 1917), another "Alsatian" (n ° 6-7 of 1917) - It must not to forget our beautiful always chained province; Then, she is engaged as " Nanny " (n ° 9-10-11 of1917), again a "Bride" (n ° 8 of 1919), then "Norman" (n ° 20-21 of 1918).
All these suits conceived by " Tante Jacqueline " are very elaborated and rather difficult to reproduce as all the dresses which she proposed until her death in 1920.
It is necessary to wait for 1923 to dress up again Bleuette. But then here were three fancy dresses for the same year: " Red Skin " (n ° 2), "Dutchwoman" (n ° 6-7) and still " Bride" (n ° 27).

"La Bouquetière" patron de la Semaine de Suzette 1913 p.37 Réalisation Nadine HOUY Cliché D.Bugat-Pujol, extrait de "Suzette gentille Cousette".

One small return on the past, here is Bleuette in Pussy Finch (n ° 7 in 1924)... A little while without disguises... Our small doll already has it of numerous in its wardrobe to choose a which of it is well still her... Let us hope that she will not make as the girl of a little story illustrated by Manon Iessel in a charming way, who not being able to decide, will arrive at the costume ball dressed of differentes left for several suits hang up in the closet.
In 1927, Lindberg makes a success of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Bleuette owes dress a flying suit (n ° 45 in 1927).
Years 1929-1930-1931 are going to provide Bleuette of numerous suits which go, to dream, take her worldwide.
First of all "Nurse" (n ° 45 of 1929) when one travels a lot , it can occur some accidents... And it is left for the tour of the World....
In two years , at first en 1930 , Bleuette is

" Boulonnaise " (n ° 4), "Arab" (n ° 6), "Breton" (n ° 8), "Norman" (n ° 10), "Dutchwoman" (n ° 11), "Alsatian" (n ° 18),.. then in 1931 " Persian " (n ° 11), " Spaniard " (n ° 14), " Auvergne " (n ° 26), " Japanese " (n ° 32), " Italian " (n ° 51) ouf ! ! !
During the last thirties, no disguises. However Bleuette for so many years is abundantly provided so that she does not know any more when to arrange them in her wardrobe !
During the war and next years, this is austerity. Bleuette has already very enough evil to dress normally, not question to " disguise ".
The first suit reappears in 1949. Bleuette goes to the ball, dressed up as " Greque " or as " Tahitienne " (n°8 of 1949) or still as "Portuguese" (n ° 26 of 1951), then, next years, in " Dancer star " (n ° 10 of 1952), "Pierrette" n ° 10 of 1954), " Annamite " (n ° 10 of 1956), " Bécassine " (n ° 14 of 1959). Finally, Bleuette ends the dream in 1960 (n ° 113) dressed up as "Pierrette".




II - Ready-made Gautier-Languereau


The house Gautier - Languereau which from the 1906 suggested disguises making puts it on the Bleuette market only from 1922 and until second world war.

Only 18 " Shrove Tuesday" and "Middle - fast" in the course of more than fifty years.

Why that ? It is necessary at first to say that it is period splendor of Bleuette, the golden age which accompanies the beautiful years after the big war: " Arts Déco ", Paul Poiret, " Les Années Folles "... ...All these disguises are beautiful, varied, of quality. Regrettably we see very few as well in the specialized sales as at the collectors.

Two reasons for that : Bizarrely disguises were not commercialized in catalogs , appearing nevertheless to the " good season ", but only in " Semaine de Suzette " in February.

Furthermore , these disguises were rather expensive compared with suits: In 1928, " La Danseuse " and " La Fleur " are sold 12 F 50 while , the " Robe d'Ecoliere " is worth only 8 F 50.

In 1935, the " Paysanne russe " or The " Mexicaine " are sold 16 F 50; at the same moment dresses "Intimite " or " La Bonne Franquette " are worth 7 F and 7 F 50.

It is necessary to say that " Paysanne Russe " 's disguise is of the most elaborated; it does not contain less than 6 elements. The last disguise, well before the war of 1939/1945, " La Petite Fille Modele " is sold 19 F. For the same price, the small reader could have two dresses, for example " Au concert " and " Margaret-Rose ".

The " Semaine de Suzette " reappears in 1946. There is still scarcity of tissues and dresses are proposed in very small quantity until 1950/1952. The last years are supplied on the contrary abundantly with clothes all very beautiful and very well made. However any fancy dress is put up for sale. It is not nevertheless necessary to believe that it likes the inafection of the genre. That was only the end of this fabulus story..

Enthusiasts, who are interested, you have trouble finding these disguises?... But console, column " Nous habillons Bleuette " contains many of them on all the long existence of this small doll as you were able to read it above.

Go to your needles !


Suzanne Gautrot




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