It is not without hesitations, neither research, nor informations that I decide so presenting this charming doll to you. It is indeed most probably one of the last Bleuette S.F.B.J. sold like such by Gautier-Languereau between 1955 and 1957.

She measures, of course, 29 centimetres. Her very characteristic wig is in fair natural hair, buckled but without curling. She also has, of course, the eyes sleepers but out of acetate , blue or green very blade as you can see it on the photographs. For these years , numbers of Bleuette had already the blue or green acetate blade eyes, just as the Rosette which they, left in 1955, had always acetate eyes, never out of glass.



Marked 2 in the back (hardly visible but quite present), 1under the feet, I found her with her small shirt of presentation, "in its new" absolutely, light blue with navy blue and red dots . This shirt of origin is completely similar to those which will equip Bleuette 58 known as Bleuette GéGé.

The head, out of strong paperboard moulded, of beautiful quality, is very characteristic: the face very blade is very very charming but alas! the references of the nape on the neck, crushed with the moulding, are almost impossible to decipher: we read 301 rather easily, 1 1/2... mais we can only guess S.F.B.J. because it is not visible except taking off the wig (under which this mark is generally hidden). Taking into account the material whose this head is made that proves to be impossible without irrevocable damage.


This very probable ultimate Bleuette, delivered just before the permanent closure of the S.F.B.J., will disappear with it, yielding the place to Bleuette GéGé which will not have any success and will be the subject even of a significant return (500 dolls to the manufacturer at the time of the liquidation of the Semaine de Suzette in 1960. ( See Billy Boy page 715, left-hand column, line 20 ). Clothing in which I present her to you and of which I equipped her, is not Gautier-Languereau (except the espadrilles). Her dress is known and called "pyjamas of beach". It is ravissant and old, suits her very well, but does not belong to her. Idem for the delicious capeline! All that made of her a Bleuette charming though a little affected, a bit snob.... as one did not say yet at the time, I think. The censors will forgive me certainly this appreciation... after all.... She is “My” Doll and I see her for what she seems to be in my eyes thus dressed.... with of course a bit of fun! Isn't her really pretty?


Hélène Bugat-Pujol


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