Mairie de Levallois


The one that we present you here gives evidence of the creativity of a dynamic municipal team.

Every year, Levallois-Perret's City Hall (very Parisian inner suburbs)
organizes in December a festive and ornamental event.

After toys, trains, bears, this year, place is made to a first Market of Christmas!

Maybe the beginning of a long tradition, already well established in the east of France, in Alsace notably, as well as at our German neighbours, more specially in Bavaria. These, of world reputation, very joyful and unforgettable, wake childish feelings and warm the heart of the amazed walkers.

A visit on the site of that of Nuremberg is necessary in this period!
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Like four years ago, the " CERCLE PRIVE DE LA POUPEE " participates in the operation TELETHON due to the contribution and to the dedication of his members and sympathizers of the world of the Doll.

Through also in the generous participation of the Study of the auctioneers of the Gallery of Chartres, Misteres Lelièvre, Maiche and Paris.

In this charming grocery, abundantly stocked and welcoming bustle one cute small doll of German origin, mark Reckmagel, head in biscuit, eyes brown sleepers, completely articulated body, cut 20 cms, the whole in good state.

Upset price 2.000 F.F. Minimal amount fixed by Sirs Auctioneers,it should come up, according to them, a figure very sharply more high!

The Gallery of Chartres not taking any honorary on the obtained sum, the completeness of the check will be, as every year, sent to CEO of the A.F.M Mister. Chavrondier.

Thank you in to participate and to make a high bid by being present, by phoning or by fax.

Sale takes place On Saturday , December 8, 2001. Here are the different coordinates of the Gallery of Chartres:


Fax :

E Mail-:

Mailing address: 10, Rue Claude Bernard, ZA du Coudray, B.P. 70129 28003 Chartres-Cedex

Last Hour


The " Cercle Prive de la Poupee " is happy to have contributed this year still to Téléthon and will send to the President of the A.F.M. a check of 3000 FF, amount of the auction of the small grocer's shop and its doll ( item n ° 436 of the Chartres' auction of December 9).

All our thanks go to Misteres Lelièvre, Maiche, Paris as well as to their co-workers for the development and their devotion.

They go also to all the members of the Association who contribute to this operation and to those that participate effectively and actively in slim restorations, clothes, presentation and complement to the set.

This year, there are particularly thanked:

Madam Claude Buffard
Madame Monique Chollet
Madame Sylviane Dugas
Monsieur Camille Guillebert
Monsieur Micoine

and also, of course, Madam Françoise Micoine who directed this project all year long with a dedication and a self-denial without defect.

In the next year.....